Elissa Daye and Her Destiny Divas


What happens when you are In Flames? What happens when you are In Chains? Are you In Rapture or you are in The Land of the Shadows?


Author Elissa Daye has the answer.

But who exactly is Elissa Daye?

“Mother, writer, lover, fighter. All of these things ring true at one point or another during my day. I grew up in Southern Illinois and grew a strong love of reading as soon as I could pick up a book. This love grew over the years and I started learning that I could create worlds for others to get lost in as well. I’ve never turned back once I completed the first book”.

What was the turning point of your life and how did you decide to focus on your writing?

“When I realized that I had become a teacher just because everyone else thought I would be good at it. It wasn’t what I really wanted to do. Sure, I loved working with kids, but I hated the bureaucracy that came along with it. I had always said I’ll write in my spare time, but teaching took everything from me one piece at a time and it wasn’t until I quit, that I realized how miserable I had become. I began focusing on my art and when I finally heard the first person call me a writer, I knew it finally rang true. This is what I was meant to do”.


How difficult is for you as a stay at home mom to pursue a writing career?

“Oh my goodness, I could expound upon this topic for quite some time. Suffice it to say that no matter how much I want to write, my girls come first. They are my world. So writing comes when the girls don’t need my immediate attention. I get up early and stay up late just to get more work done. I will say that when I don’t get to write at all I start to feel miserable, because writing makes me feel balanced. I just have to find the time when I’m not being pulled in every direction”.

Was getting published hard?

“It was hard. First, I had to believe in myself to send off my work. This involved creating a synopsis that told the whole of my work, a catchy phrase to catch the eye of a potential publisher, and a manuscript thaws was as polished as I could possibly make it. From there, it has gotten a little easier each time. I’ve learned so much since I published In Flames in 2012”.

Are your characters based on people you know?

” Sometimes yes. Sometimes no. I do pour a lot of my heart and soul into everything I write. I might bring in a person’s quirks without denoting their personality. In The Land of the Shadows I did use my best friend as a model as well as my own personal experiences from which I drew upon”.


Which of your books is your most favourite?

“If you had asked me that a month ago, I would have said The Land of the Shadows, but now that In Chains is about to be released it has found quite a soft spot in my heart. It’s the end of a series, or most likely the end. There is always a chance that I might revisit it in the future, but I am currently penning a series of erotic romance that is taking my focus right now”.

What is your writing routine?

“Sit down, stare at the screen for a few minutes. Then I go back and reread the chapter from the night before. Open up Facebook, check my messages, then flip back to my screen. I find myself getting easily distracted because I interact with my street team quite a bit and various authors that I talk to. I’ve been doing a lot of giveaway events too. It all takes time and planning”.

What are your current projects?

“Right now I am working on the Press Legacy series, an erotic romance series containing paranormal twists. The first one Crushed is already penned and the second Little Red is about half way done. Banished should also be coming out this year. That one is a dark urban fantasy that will hopefully redefine what people think of me as a writer”.

Who are Elissa Daye’s Destiny Divas?

“My awesome street team filled the most amazing caring people you will ever meet. They help get the word out about my books and offer me encouragement any time I am down. I really can’t imagine my life without these wonderful people. You can find the street team on Facebook. If you like my works, I welcome you to come check us out”.














Trailer for The Land of the Shadows:


Trailer for In Chains:


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