The Big Wide Calm is like a glass of red wine



The Big Wide Calm is the first novel by Rich Marcello I’ve ever read. And definitely it won’t be the last. It’s a captivating novel that will engage you either you are interested in music industry or not.

The story sounds simple: Paige, a talented young woman tries to create multigenerational music and rise in the rock music stardome. But just as it happen in real life nothing is that simple after all.

The story moves fast and yet in a smooth pace. All characters are described wonderfully and they are so interesting with their flaws, their secrets, their passions, their questionable choices… Their relationships are complex and Rich Marcello’s vividly engaging writing style makes the reader get connected with them.

And there is food, lots of food.

Although there’re no shape shifters, werewolves, vampires or witty detectives in the story, this book is a page turner.

Reading The Big Wide Calm is like enjoying a glass of cold, red wine while watching the sun go down in the summertime. Rich Marcello’s writing is lyrical and at the same time easy to read, with humor (-“You’re going to die” – “There are worse things”) and unexpected shifts.

But this book’s main advantage is the female protagonist. Paige Plant is a character hard not to love.

In my opinion a sequel to this book would be highly recommended.


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