Steve Fujita shows us how to Toe Up To 10K


Steve Fujita is a fighter. He has been through a life-changing situation and he came out a winner. Now Steve Fujita wants to share his experience with the world and help others who find themselves in a similar situation .

Steven Fujita is a writer living in Long Beach, California. He was born in Los Angeles, California, and attended college in Washington, D.C. In 2010, he published a novella, titled, Sword of the Undead, which is Bram Stoker’s Dracula tale re-told, but the vampire being a Japanese samurai warlord.

In 2012, however, he fell ill to a virus, which caused meningitis, and as a result, he became paralyzed from the waist down. Doctor’s did not guarantee he would walk again. Even if he did, it would take about two years. Within six months, however, he was walking with a cane, and fifteen months later, he was walking mostly without a cane.

Steve Fujita wrote a book about his recovery process, Toe Up to 10K, A Journey of Recovery from Spinal Cord Injury.


“I’m just a regular person who has the same everyday interests as others, such as reading, watching movies, sports, etc. I went to work each day for an employer – but I have always liked to write, and finally, in 2010, I published my first book” he says when asked about himself.

And he continues:

“I had always wanted to make a living as a writer, but found the field difficult to break into as a young man, and put it off to the side. But with technological progress, and costs of publishing manageable for the everyday person, I started writing in my spare time. I enjoy reading about people, writing about people, and imagining “what-ifs,” which is a great way to plot novels.”


“My characters are generally not based on people I know, but there are times when I place much of my own personality into a character.”


“My genre of books is supernatural fantasy: vampires, zombies, monsters. I prefer the word “fantasy” to “horror,” as did the late actor, Peter Cushing, because horror is found in real life, but vampires, zombies, and such are make-believe.”


“The favorite of my own books is the latest, “Toe Up to 10K,” which is about my recovery from spinal cord injury, from the Intensive care Unit, to rolling around in a wheelchair, to walking on my own power. Not only is it a personal story, but I hope for my story to help others who find themselves in a similar situation, not only through inspiration and motivation, but also to know what to expect when this type of injury occurs.”


“I don’t have a strict writing routine, but I always have projects in mind, and I do try to do a blog post once a day during the weekdays.”


“My future projects are to return to writing supernatural fiction. I continue to recover from my spinal cord injury, so perhaps a follow-up book on that subject is in order.”


Steve Fujita’s website

To Buy link
Toe Up to 10K

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