Supernatural Hero by Eran Gadot: Elegant, fast paced, optimistic


Supernatural Hero

I was looking for a nice Halloween gift for my teenage godson and I ended up with a great reading for me! Supernatural Hero is a fast paced young adult paranormal novel, beautifully illustrated, and with a plot twist that brings high suspense. Eran Gadot’s writing style is elegantly balanced, without redundancies, and hooks the reader. I found myself reading fast to find out what comes next. The definition of a page turner. All characters are well described. I loved Andy, the main character, a typical six grade nerd with a heart of gold, and his cute childish ignorance about death and cancer (“Stage four advanced, to me that sounds like the name of a new console game” he says). As I loved his granddad’s view of life (“If you give your all, even if you don’t get exactly what you want, you still win”). In my opinion this is a book that won’t only please teens and adults but it will make them think and reevaluate their perspective of live.

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