Raising J.Holiday, A Mother’s Untold Story


Frances Grymes is the mother of three grown children, one being the R&B sensation J.Holiday, and the grandmother of seven grandkids. She’s also an Ordained minister, Motivational speaker, Singer, Dancer, Teacher, Hairstylist, and the list goes on.

“I’m also an ordinary person doing extra ordinary things” she says.

– Pretty amazing! But how did you decide to pursue a writing career?

“I started writing my autobiography in 1990, but my writing career didn’t start until 1993 after the passing of my husband. It started out by writing two poems about him, then two turn into eight hundred, Then I started writing and illustrating children and also created twin dolls.”

– Was getting published hard?

– Are your characters based on people you know?


– What genre is your books?

“Regular manuscripts, non-fiction and fiction, children books.”

– Which of your books is your most favourite?

“I have so many favorites I can’t pick one at the present time.”


– Do you have a specific writing routine?

“No. If I think of something about a particular book I’m writing I just pop my flash drive in and get to typing.”

– What are your current projects?

“I’m working on three manuscripts at the present time.”

– What’s next for you?

“The next thing I want to do is a stage play for “Raising J.Holiday, A Mother’s Untold Story”, then of course the Big Screen.”

Well, we wish Good luck and we hope to have again when the movie is out!

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