Beth Durkee’s amazing fantasy world: The Legend of Lord Randall Castle


Beth Durkee is an author of Christian romance, relationship self-help and fantasy. She has written three stand-alone novellas, contributed a small section to Ess-Jee Rautenbach’s premier book, How to Stand for Your Marriage, written a short promotional e-book (out of print) starring singer Darryl Markette (with permission), and is currently engrossed in writing her popular historical fantasy e-book series, The Legend of Lord Randall Castle. Across all genres, she is known for her characters, her descriptiveness and her anchor to morality. Her works include The Disposable Noble Wife, Navigating Marital Abandonment, The Bleeding Love, The Rumor’s Secret (out of print) and The Legend of Lord Randall Castle e-series.


– So many great achievements but yet, who exactly is Beth Durkee?

” Hard question. I have worn so many different hats in my life and each is so different from the next, but I am the culmination of all my hat-wearing personalities and I am just one at a time. Right now, I am wearing the hat of friendly recluse who writes amazing but undiscovered stories for a very tiny international audience.”

– How did you decide to pursue a writing career?

“I think it is more pursuing me. Really what happened is that I grew up in a household where my dad is an avid reader and my mom’s whole family is a bunch of story-tellers. I grew up with both and wound up combining them after my children were grown and I had nothing more interesting to do with my time.”

– Was getting published hard?

” I am self-published, so that part was not hard. The hard part is getting enough readership for my books to make a profit. I am not yet to that point so in that respect, yes. It is very hard.”


– Are your characters based on people you know?

” Some of them are. Some are not. For example, the druid in the very beginning of Engaging Enchantment is modeled after my favorite restaurant manager at Brothers 3 Pizza in Marinette, Wisconsin. But Barwick, the story’s hero, is someone I have never met. (But I would like to!)”

– What genre are your books?

“I have a Christian romance and a relationship self-help that got me started writing for publication, but now my focus has turned to my first love – fantasy.

– Which of your books is your most favourite?

“I would have to say that the one I am currently in the process of editing, Spellbound Souvenir, is my favorite so far. But then, my favorite is always the one I am working on or I would be working on something else.”


– Do you have a specific writing routine?

“It’s funny because I would not have said I do until I had to think about answering your question. Now I think the answer is yes. I pretty much get around to writing after lunch. That is about the time my dog lets me kick him off my lap and I can replace him with my laptop. Then I write until I am ready for a cup of hot tea. I get it, take a sip and resume writing until I realize my tea is cold. Then I stop for a while to reheat it. Sometimes I will repeat the cycle right away and sometimes I will stop for the day.”

– What are your current projects?

Spellbound Souvenir consumes my world at the moment. I am absolutely in love with facets of of the story and with several of its characters. I need to get them polished for the e-book’s November 23 debut so we all are not embarrassed.”


– What’s next for you?

“I need to finish editing and publishing Spellbound Souvenir, of course. But then Book 3 in The Legend of Lord Randall Castle e-series needs to be titled and written. I have an awesome end in mind for the series and I have to figure out how to get to it.”


Beth Durkee lives in the United States. She has a BS degree in Liberal Arts from Carroll University and has been imagining stories for as long as she can remember. In her spare time, she enjoys long talks with family and friends, travel, DIY projects and amateur radio.

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