Michael Wheeler and The Practical Method for Taus, Dilruba, and Esraj


Today my blog fills with music. I read a book and I enjoy a cup of coffee while listening to the sound of Taus, Dilruba, and Esraj. And Michael Wheeler is responsible for that.

Michael Wheeler lives in Roseburg, OR along with his wife and cat. He is an assistant professor of music at Umpqua Community College, instructing Indian Music, Music Technology, Music Appreciation, and Music Fundamentals. It’s not long ago when he decided to pursue a writing career as well.

“I’ve always enjoyed reflecting on music. I host a couple of music blogs – one on music pedagogy, one on music history/ethnomusicology, and one on popular music. For my book though, I wrote that as my Master’s degree dissertation” he explains.


– Was getting published hard?

“I self-published through CreateSpace, so it was super easy. I think the need for publishers will start to diminish even more over time until just about everybody putting stuff out is either on blogs, or self-published.”

– What genre are your books? 

“Music and education – I publish compositions and materials on musical pedagogy mostly.”

– Which of your books is your most favorite?

“Well, as far as full text, I only have one. That is “A Practical Method for Taus, Dilruba, and Esraj.” But I also love my published compositions – the Pieces for Violin and Piano are pieces I’m really proud of.”


– Do you have a specific writing routine? 

“Yes, work under deadlines!”

– What are your current projects?

“Working currently on an MFA in Music Composition through Vermont College of Fine Arts, so that is really time-consuming. I’m in the process of composing for Dilruba in a slightly more western-classical orientation which is challenging. I’m also working on a composer’s guide to dilruba.”

– What’s next for you?

“I think eventually I will need to write a follow-up to my beginner’s book in dilruba. Hopefully I can get to that before I’m too old!”



A Practical Method for Taus, Dilruba, and Esraj: Level 1: Beginner

Michael Wheeler Studios






Author Bio

Michael Wheeler holds a Master of Arts in World Music Studies from the University of Sheffield U.K. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree (with Honors designation) in Music History from Charter Oak State College as well as a Master Certificate in Music Theory, Harmony and Ear Training from Berklee College of Music (graduated 3.97 GPA). During his undergraduate education Michael was awarded both a music department vocal scholarship as well as the prestigious Bill Cosby Celebrity scholarship for Berklee’s extension program. He is also currently enrolled in the Gurmat Sangeet Outreach program from Raj Academy U.K. as a student of Dilruba, for the preservation and promotion of Sikh music. He’s also a member of many professional organizations including; Music Teacher’s National Association (MTNA), American Society for Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) and National Association of Composers USA (NACUSA).

As a performer, Michael Wheeler has appeared in over 10 independently and commercially released albums in addition to having logged hundreds of studio hours. He has also appeared in well over 300 stage performances as a singer (musical theatre), pianist (classical and jazz) or keyboardist (dance music).

As a composer, Michael’s works are published through the German internet publisher Copy- Us (under his pen name “Misha Kolesoski”) and has written scores for commercial as well as amateur film. In May of 2009 his “Adagio for Erhu and Chamber Ensemble” was premiered at Edinburgh University in Scotland, featuring the Erhu virtuoso Peng Yeuquang. He is also a regular contributor to HowCast Media videos and has music featured in the motion picture “Dirty Step Upstage.”

As an author on musical subjects, Mr. Wheeler maintains two blogsites; Tools for Learning Music, and Pondering Music from a Global Perspective. He also hosts a YouTube channel which details diverse information such as instrument purchasing, methods for self-study and advice for college music students.

From 2004 to 2011 Michael Wheeler was instructor and curriculum coordinator at Arizona Music Academy in Tempe AZ.

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