El-R Charis: an out of the norm poet, publisher and literary gems scouter


El-R Charis is a native of Chicago, bred and raised on the Southside. She’s a  Poet who expresses a lifetime of observation, harmony through conflict and ultimately self acceptance. El-R’s newest endeavor a publishing company, Phi Phe Publications, offer a variety of services from editing to ghost writing.

El-R Charis is a genuine artist and today I have the honour to host  an interesting interview with her on my blog.


Who exactly is El-R Charis?
“El-R Charis, (I am) a communicator, whether it be via written word, visual graphics, sensually:   It be all three.   What I write/say, depict in my art may relay to its receiver a feeling or motivates a free thought which opens a dialogue within oneself as well as to others.”

How did you decide to pursue a writing career?
“After many years of attempting to fit into the “norm”, corporate hustle, I realized although I was extraordinary in whatever position I would undertake; there was always opposition from some key figure in the business.  Over time, it became a great annoyance to ignore my passion in pursuit of material stability based on that of the worlds blueprint.  I became acquainted with a very gifted Spiritual medium who introduced me to a higher level of thought and understanding of a realm beyond what my natural eyes could see. This “Man of God” taught about authorship and the importance of allowing our talents to be multiplied through writing.  From this revelatory relationship, I simply let it Be.”

Was getting published hard?
“No, it was all about research and tenacity to stay steadfast, even in the midst of seeming frustration. Daily I’m driven to learn something new about publishing, yet in this process, I have birthed my own publishing company.”

Are your characters based on people you know?
“As a book of poetry, art, as well as some spiritual truths; the answer would be, “yes”.  Mostly the poems are based on my perception, there are some, however simply based on my perception of others in relationship to the world at large.”

What genre are your books?
“Poetry, some may say Mythology also Visual Art is a huge part of what I do.  Unreleased works include fiction and a Semi-Autobiography.”

Which of your books is your most favourite?
“Well, currently, I only have one book on the market, with the second to be released later this month: Although, my favourite is actually an unreleased work of fiction in which I can’t name because the story is not yet copy-written.  I however, will always have a soft spot for The Epiphany Series; currently Volume One, Primus is on Amazon Kindle.  Epiphany is my catalyst for many life decisions and new endeavors which are branching from within.  I owe Her a huge gratitude.”

Do you have a specific writing routine?
“As much as I try, No.  I am an artist in the sense of, I work as inspired;  I’m not well with obligatory ANYTHING.  Always obliged to serve yet being forceful with myself is not my forte.  Writing is an immense joy for me, when she is ready, she flows.”


What are your current projects?
“As stated prior, Volume II of The Epiphany Series, will be released on Amazon Kindle just before Christmas of this year; Volume I, Primus will be released in soft cover January 2015.  I also have Phi Phe Publications, LLC; my publishing company, which will began taking submissions in January 2015, for evaluation of various services offered to the Writer seeking guidance in their writing endeavors.  Recently, I have become the new editor for a 5-time published Author, which I am ecstatic about!  I have this affair with words which no human partner could ever match, unless we have the same lover.”

What’s next for you?
“Epiphany is a seven volume series, the last five will roll out throughout the first half of 2015. I am also scouting other poets to help them along the way of publishing, formatting, editing and so on.  There are literally bins of writings; books, movie scripts, television shows and of course, poetry in which I am surrounded by daily.  Much were scribed over several years, yet now, I am finally comfortable enough to delve into and form them as that which the Universe has commissioned them to be.”


About El-R Charis

El-R Charis is a native of Chicago, bred and raised on the Southside.  Educated in the Public School system in a time when teachers took an active role as alternate parents to those entrusted to them daily.  El-R took her first creative writing class in an After-School program under the tutelage of Mrs. Leila BoNey.  During the program, this authors natural flair for writing became immediately apparent to the program director thus a friendship/mentorship identity was formed.  This connection lasted throughout the authors formative years until the untimely passing of El-R’s beloved mentor in her early twenties.

In addition to  her enthusiasm for writing, El-R majored in Commercial Art as an high school student, even graduating from higher education with an AAS in Art & Design from Robert Morris University, Chicago.

Throughout her life, El-R Charis has endured many obstacles she credits for fine tuning her craft with a keen level of detail which many people who have struggled through life’s journey can relate.  This openly gay author utilizes words, artistic talents, as well as photography to lay out graphic depictions of the ups and downs of moving through society.

El-R’s publishing company, Phi Phe Publications, offer a variety of services from editing to ghost writing.  Motion in Poetry, the Web site at ElrCharis.com rallies all things embodied in the mind of El-R Charis: Words, Pictures, Passion.

Book info:

Epiphany, Poetry in the Flow of Life, Volume I: Primus (eBook)

Publisher: Phi Phe Publications, 2014 Editor: C. R. Hagerman

Available for a limited time exclusively on Amazon for Kindle http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00P8F7XNO


Social Media info:
ElrCharis.com (Web site)
Twitter: http://twitter.com/elrcharis
Instagram: http://instagram.com/el_r_charis

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