Santiago Polvos, an amazingly talented Mexican artist


Santiago Polvos is an exceptional artist and a cancer survivor, a kind person who learned from an early age how to pursue his dreams.

A native of Michoacan, Mexico, Santiago was born into a family without an artistic background. With a restlessness that characterizes great talent, he was attracted to painting, which he taught himself, from a young age.


Santiago’s paintings demonstrate the intensity of a person who lives with great passion. His paintings represent a break from reality typified by firm and agile brushstrokes which work together to create a satisfying and enchanting visual delight.

Santiago shows enormous promise for a great future in the art world, of which we are only just beginning to catch a glimpse.

Santiago’s goal is to one day represent not only Puerto Vallarta but all of Mexico throughout the world. Seeing Santiago’s art and vision unfold it will be only a matter of time.


Santiago’s art has been exhibited at:

  • The Puerto Vallarta International Airport
  • Guadalajara International Airport
  • John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City
  • Galeria Milan in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco Mexico
  • Cafe Gallery in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco Mexico

His fight against cancer a few years ago didn’t only affect his health as he was in a critical state, but his art and subsequently his finances.

His friends have set up a gofundme page ( to help raise money so he may pay back debt he accumulated while ill, costs including medical expenses, living expenses (during that time), personal loans he had to take out just to be able to keep up his chemo, travel, medical tests and procedures, etc.

Santiago Polvos is also an amazing person and I had the honor to have a little chat with him about his art and his vision on painting.


– Who exactly is Santiago Polvos?

“I am the 8th of 15 children, I was born into a poor family but with much love and unity, even though we lacked for many material things it was not something that held me back from pursuing my dreams.

I was born in a small town called El Charapo in the Mexican state of Michoacan.

My father is a farmer & my mother a house wife, I was raised on the farm and for the most part I am a country boy.”


– How did you decide to pursue a career in arts?

“Since I was very young my interest and passion for art was evident, so much so that the supplies my parents bought me for school I used up drawing, coloring color prisms all throughout my spiral notebooks, notebooks that my parents could barely afford at all.

At 13 years of age I finished what in Mexico is termed “primaria” In the U.S. it would be like graduating from 7th grade. And I didn’t want to continue with school for me I felt it would be a waste of time, haha. At 14 yrs old my parents supported my decision to leave school and pursue art completely.

That is my story of how I came to fully dedicate myself to painting and the Arts.”


– Was establishing a career hard?

“Establishing myself as an artist has not been easy…the life of an artist is very difficult and all the more when you are not well off financially, but I work hard and little by little I have grown as an artist.

I think that from the first day I decided to dedicate myself to what I wanted to do with my life…since that day I feel I established myself as an artist.”


– Are your paintings inspired by people you know?

“I am never inspired by people… My work emerges without having anything planned, to me it seems to emerge from the blank canvas itself and from that bare canvas comes the inspiration> It comes at the moment I stain that vacant canvas.


– What style are your paintings?

“My style is a mixture or better said a fusion of Abstract, Surrealism, and the Figurative.

Even though I only allow myself to be carried away by the passion & excitement of having the canvas in front of me there is still something more at work. It is, that for an artist, it is impossible to stop a ‘style’ from emerging, without a doubt it follows an artist and sooner or later it traps us.”


– Which of your work is your most favourite?

“My favorite work without a doubt is titled “Basta”.

In the piece I captured the poverty and marginalization in which my country lives.

A gratitude we owe to a government which does not put its people first.”

– Do you have a specific working routine?

“I don’t have a work schedule, it is unacceptable for me to have a blank canvas in front of me and not begin to dirty it, haha.

I am always painting…and if I don’t have a blank canvas….well I paint whatever I have around.”


– What are your current projects?

“My current projects are: I want to create an international art fair in my city of Puerto Vallarta Mexico, and I am also taking sculpture classes.”

– What’s next for you?

“I want to travel and represent my country in a way that brings it attention for its art, culture and people. One day I hope to live in Italy.”

Keep in touch with Santiago

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