Jennifer Lang and “The Whistle Blower’s Confession”


Author Jennifer Lang has always been a vibrant and creative person, so it’s no surprise that she would turn to writing and set her hand to an exciting psychological thriller.

She is an entrepreneur, with her own independent record label producing her own music. But as she found out, life is a highway with many turns, exits and destinations.

Jennifer had both feet firmly on the music path when tragedy intervened and her mother became very ill.

Jennifer’s motto is never give up and as she faced her mother’s illness and taking care of her, she couldn’t just stop there. As she became a caregiver, the keen curiosity and investigative inclinations that served her in college as a political science major helped her uncover that many of the issues her mother suffered from could be traced back to GMO’s.

And that’s when the seeds of her book The Whistle Blower’s Confession were planted. Jennifer believes that you only fail if you never try, so she turned her hand to writing.

Jennifer Lang is the author that is as courageous, as selfless and as and as determined as her characters!

Today I’m happy to have Jennifer on my blog and chat with her.

– First of all I’m curious to know if getting published was hard?
“Not for me, I went to a small family owned publisher and they liked my story and the message behind it.”

– Are your characters based on people you know?
“The main characters are bits and pieces of me. The issues of GMO labeling are It’s fiction. A bit of a suspense thriller, mystery, political thriller.”


– Which of your books is your most favourite?
“This is my first book….so, your first baby is always special. Ask me again, once I have my next one :)”

– Do you have a specific writing routine?
“Not really. I get moments of inspiration, especially while I’m out walking on the track. At that point, I’ve got to hurry and get home and when I start typing it all out, it sort of starts to come together and flow.”

– What are your current projects?
“Right now, I’m out promoting my book and working on a screenplay adaption.”

– What’s next for you?
“A children’s book filed with adventure and purpose.”

The Whistle Blower’s Confession is a taut political thriller
where Kelly Anderson, an investigative reporter, who after the death of her
aunt to cancer, discovers that the American people have been used as guinea
pigs for years.

Jennifer draws on her many experiences as an investigator,
as a political science student, her experiences studying GMO’s and her
substantial powers of creativity and imagination to craft a story that will keep
you on the edge of your seat and turning pages with story lines ripped from
the headlines of current affairs.




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