“Discovering the It Factor within You” by Leesa Rowland


A couple of years ago I lost my job. That didn’t hurt me emotionally because it was a job I really hated. But bills kept piling up and I had to bring food on the table. It was then when I had an epiphany and I realized what my next move should be. I decided to run a business of my own. A very risky decision. I had to bring out the best of me personally and professionally to succeed. And this is not a simple action, it’s a constant effort.

I’ve read plenty of self-help books since then but it was “Discovering the It Factor within You” that spoke to me. I realized that the moment I read this line:

“Don’t wait for a miracle to happen in your life. Have an epiphany now and realize that your life is the true miracle.”

That’s what I had a few years ago: an epiphany!

This book helped me to realize I already possess the It Factor. I have what I need to build a successful professional career and have a happy personal life. The key point was to understand that “much negativity is generated by a lack of belief in yourself. You need to realize that if you don’t see any charisma within you, it doesn’t mean you were born without it.”

I finished this book in a day. It was impossible to put down, a book I highly recommend.

“Discovering the It Factor within You” will help you believe in yourself and find your talent. It will teach you how to create space in the mind for a new original thought. It will train you how to not let negative situations and negative people take over and ruin your life.

Luck is truly where preparation
and opportunity meet.

‘Charisma in performance’ and ‘The aura and charisma’ were two of the chapters I loved. It was very interesting to find out what the similarities between performance and charisma are and how to see auras by observing another person or looking at yourself in the mirror. Amazing!

But most of all I cherished Leesa Rowland’s perspective on life. Despite the difficulties and the tragedies she faced in her life (including a shocking revelation about her mother’s death and an incident involving a Hollywood actor), she remained a wonderful, loving and sensitive human being. And with the help of Robin Cofer’s wise quotes, Ms Rowland inspires you to be a better person through love and kindness.


“Discovering the It Factor within You”





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