“God Has Failed Me – A True Storm, Part I” by K.M.Lessing


First of all, I have to admit that I am a religious person. I believe in what most of us in Western World call God or other cultures and religions call Higher Power, Supreme Being etc. I’m always open to discussions on the topic and I’m interested in studying different views on the subject.

That’s why K.M.Lessing’s God Has Failed Me – A True Storm, Part I sounded so interesting to me and I was eager to read it. And I wasn’t disappointed.

This is the true story of a young woman who faced several disappointments by people who claimed to be religious and pious. In this book it’s clear that calling yourself a Cristian, a Buddhist, or a Muslim isn’t enough. What you do to honor your faith is what that matters.

K.M.Lessing’s troubled life started since childhood. Although her parents weren’t abusive, they were unable to express any kind of affection to their daughter. You know, having a baby and being labeled as a parent is not enough. You need to work on being a good parent. Otherwise you’ll bring up children desperate for love and affection, ready to make all the wrong choices in life in order to fill the gap. Wrong choices that might include alcohol, abusive husbands, even men in their late 20’s that claim to be virgins when they’re… OK, no spoilers!

“My ex-husband had essentially told me everything was all my fault,” writes K.M.Lessing. That happened before she met the man who told her “I’m sure you will like me so much! I’m a good man! I’m a virgin!”

I’m sure this book will have a huge success and it will cause a debate. It will make you double check everything you’re told so you won’t take anything for granted. You see, some people aren’t who they claim to be.

To me this book isn’t only about God. It’s also about people who hide behind their religion, people who misinterpret religious scripts to their own benefit.

Most important this book is about how difficult is for a woman to live either in the modern Western world and or the not so modern Arabic one. As K.M.Lessing writes “because the world is operating in the unspoken Men’s Language, one thing I can guarantee you is: there is almost no justice in this world for women!”

Can’t wait to read The Land of Dark Secrets, A True Story, Part 2



God Has Failed Me, A True Story, Part 1
By K.M. Lessing

In Part 1 of her true story, K.M. Lessing openly reveals her imperfect life and candidly narrates her journey through the following: gothic club enchantment, her wish for love, marital misery, alcohol entanglement, spending the holidays alone, bad church experiences, loss of faith, disappointing people, the question of abortion, trying to find a boyfriend who isn’t into porn, nihilism, and exposing a crafty internet predator who turns out to be a married religious leader from Iran.

Throughout her book, K.M. Lessing provides her perspective and critique on the myth of romantic relationships, toxic American “culture,” Hollywood, American pseudo-Christianity, the myth of counselors and why it’s better to become independent, questionable religious leaders, men’s accountability for their errant sexual behavior, and her first-hand experience with Islam.

For a limited time, the eBook is available for 99 cents. Select EPUB or PDF format below:




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