‘The Land Of Dark Secrets – A True Story’ by K.M. Lessing


A few days ago I read and reviewed non-fiction book God Has Failed Me, A True Story, Part 1 by K.M. Lessing. In Part 1 of her true story, K.M. Lessing openly reveals her journey through religions and the book ends with her by distance romantic relationship with a holy cleric of Islam who resides in California, USA.

As in ‘God Has Failed Me’ it’s not revealed what happens next, I was anxious to read ‘The Land Of Dark Secrets’, Part 2 of K.M. Lessing’s true life book series.


This book starts with a quite shocking way. “Death to America”. That’s the title of the very first chapter! That gives you an idea of what’s next!

Of course it isn’t the author herself who wishes “Death to America”. On the contrary, she points out throughout the book what the mantra of Iran is and how Islam strategically advances in the United States.

‘The Land Of Dark Secrets’ the author describes in every detail her love affair with a married religious leader from Iran. She explains how she was deceived and emotionally manipulated by a sweet-tempered man. “I already miss you my beautiful love”, “You have the most beautiful eyes” were a few of the verbal weapons that man used to achieve his goal which was sex through a temporary marriage. Yes, you read it right.

All voicemails throughout this book are real and are transcribed verbatim. Voicemails have not been edited. That made me feel I was listening to a friend who was sharing with me her secrets over a cup of coffee. I felt the author had confided in me a piece of her heart and soul.

“I wanted to get things out of my system so I could move on from him. The most important task in life is to search for the truth. The truth is hidden. But the truth is always available to those who want it” writes K.M. Lessing.

Now I’m looking forward to reading Book 3 of the trilogy to find out if K.M. really managed to block out the horror of what Mahdi had done to her.

For a limited time, the ebook is available for only 99 cents K.M. Lessing’s website: http://kmlessing.com/the-land-of-dark-secrets-a-true-story/

For those who want a paperback, here is the link on amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Land-Dark-Secrets-True-Story/dp/0986345938/

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