Michael Diamond and “Agents of the Beyond”


Michael Diamond is a writer living in Illinois. He enjoys telling tales, from old world based stories to far flung futuristic hazards. The Black Idol was his first full length novel, followed by Shattered Gods – Book 1 and Book in the Mythos Division series. Agents of the Beyond , his third novel, is set to release on July 17th.

– Who exactly is Michael Diamond?

“I’m an author living and working in Northern Illinois. When I’m not pounding out words on the keyboard, I drift between cups of coffee and my dog Zelda.”

– How did you decide to pursue a writing career?

“I’ve been writing since the age of 13. Early on it was works of fantasy and near future dystopian realism. I’m a storyteller by heart, and if I don’t get the words out, they take on a mind of their own.”

– Was getting published hard?

“It’s been said that this is the Golden Age of self-publishing, and no one personifies that more than me. My third novel – Agents of the Beyond – is set to release on July 17th, and each one has been put out without the assistance of a major publisher.”

– Are your characters based on people you know?

“Most of my characters are inventions of my own imagination, rather than draw from any one person I know. This keeps me from having to explain to a friend why I killed their character off as the book progressed. In Agents of the Beyond, one of the characters is based on a close friend, and they are aware of that, which should make it a more interesting read.”

– What genre are your books?

“Historical Fiction, Horror, and Science Fiction.”


– What are your current projects?

Agents of the Beyond is my current project. It’s set in Monte Cook Games Numenera setting. You can pre-order it here http://bit.ly/1GGdUOt


Author website: http://www.thediamondwriting.com/

Twitter: @diamond_writing

Google+: https://plus.google.com/117718009269495971219

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheBlackIdol?bookmark_t=page


#BookBlast: ‘Nine Short Horror Stories, Vol. 1’ by B. Scott #FREE #DOWNLOAD


Nine Short Horror Stories, Vol. 1
Imagination is Deadly
By B. Scott

Human suffering, pain and the last stitch effort to escape into the light.
Light and darkness don’t always speak loud enough to guide. In some cases, nothing reaches out.

‘Nine Short Horror Stories, Vol. 1’ features nine original stories, each of them exploring the above.

The prevailing question is whether hope is a matter of emotional discernment or a state of the spirit.

Short stories featured in ‘Nine Short Horror Stories, Vol. 1’ *

The Subject
Savage Embrace
Special Permissions
The Claimed
A Single Rune
Who Said That
Light’s Shadow
Lake Effect
Please Sign Here
Plus a BONUS

* Joan Hovey, accomplished author from New Brunswick and B. Scott’s mentor, strongly encouraged him to publish every one she read.



To watch the amazing book trailer follow the url below:



‘Nine Short Horror Stories, Vol. 1’ FREE DOWNLOAD (click on the link below)


Author’s Note

This book was designed with one focus: to find yourself moving through the waves of change… from one dangerous set of emotions to the next.
Buckle up.
It will be a ride.

Author Bio


Your author of forty-three years, B. Scott (pen-name), presents his latest collection. He caught the “writing bug” a few years back. He continues to write based on personal experiences that have shaped him and others.

His background includes fifteen years of experience as a respiratory therapist serving as a sleep specialist / oxygen specialist for industry-leading corporations throughout North America. He served in the U.S. Military for nearly a decade and was awarded a Medal of Service for the first Middle East War. He is certified as a Personal Trainer. He holds a Master’s Degree in Health Sciences and a degree in Respiratory Therapy. He is also a graduate from Brighton High School in Michigan. He was born, raised, and lived the first third of his life in Lakewood, Ohio. He has spent the last ten years in Toronto, Ontario, where he currently resides.

What you have read is a product of his deeply embedded belief that energy is transformable, sometimes scary, adaptable, and is shimmering with light. The written themes you enjoy are in honor and respect to the Forces of Dark, Grey and Light.

B. Scott’s website


Keep in touch with B. Scott

Twitter: @deviantbill

Facebook: /bill.bistak

Rebecca Vorster: an erotica author with a soft spot for sweet romance


Rebecca Vorster has travelled extensively throughout her short life, living in other cultures and exchanging with people the very thing she loves, stories.

Even though her erotic writing started early in life, it was not until one lonely night in The Netherlands when she decided to contacted a publisher to see what they thought of her work, they loved it!

Since then Rebecca has been writing short erotic stories of all kinds, where only the top are selected to be published for the world to read.

Rebecca loves writing about new ideas and feelings, her attention to detail shows the character’s emotions in such a way that all of us can relate to it.

Her stories are never the same, each new stories is created based on her emotion in that time period, her mood plays an important role in each piece or work, and you can feel the emotion clearly in each story.

“Writing is a like art, each story is a masterpiece.”

Between her travels Rebecca found some time to have a little chat with me in an interview which I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading.


  • Who exactly is Rebecca Vorster?

“I am just an ordinary girl from a small town.”

  • How did you decide to pursue a writing career?

“Well, actually it chose me. I have always enjoyed writing, I never thought I would be writing full time, but here I am doing just that.”

  • Was getting published hard?

“At first it was, I could not decide if I wanted to self-publish or find a publisher. I contacted a publisher and they loved my work. I liked that idea so I sent them more stories. After giving it more thought I decided that I wanted to self-publish and that is exactly what I done.”


  • Are your characters based on real people?

“Yes and no, most of my characters are about two or three people in one. I would take all the good from different people and make a super being, same goes for bad qualities some people have.”

  • What genre are your books?

“I mostly write erotica, I do however have a soft spot for sweet romance novels. Nothing beats the real deal.”

  • Which of your books is your most favourite?

“Trick question, I like all my stories. If I feel a story is not working I don’t complete it. I only complete a story I know is top quality.”

  • Do you have any specific writing routine?

“I like writing at night, it gives me enough time to think and process ideas without interruption. Once I have an idea I have to start working out the plot else it bothers me.”

  • What are your current projects?

“I have about two more stories to complete and then I want to start focusing on a novella I have been thinking about. It will be a romance, not so much hardcore erotica.”

  • What’s next for you?

“Right now it is a little difficult to say. I really am hoping that I will be able to complete all the stories I have planned out. The only real next thing I would like to do is to complete my small projects and hopefully move to bigger deeper waters soon.”






Jon Jon Lannen on ‘The Giraffe That Taught Me How To Laugh’: “The book I wish I had as a kiddo”


Jon Jon Lannen is a writer, actor & director living in Denver, Colorado. Jon Jon has been performing improv comedy for over ten years and wants everyone to fall in love with the art of improvisation. Jon Jon writes and performs regularly. He formerly co-founded and ran FORK Productions, along with executive produced the Denver Improv Festival. Lannen has performed and taught in improv festivals across the country, including Chicago, Colorado Springs, Denver, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York City and Oklahoma City.


Jon Jon Lannen currently owns and operates Jon Jon & Co. and is the author of the award-winning book, The Giraffe That Taught Me How To Laugh. Lannen is also adjunct faculty, teaching improvisation, at numerous schools throughout the state.


– OK, I read your bio but I still have one more question to ask. Who exactly is Jon Jon Lannen?

“Wow! We’re getting right into it, aren’t we? I dig it. Jon Jon Lannen is me! I currently live in Denver humbly doing what I love: writing, teaching and performing improvisational theater.

– How did you decide to pursue a writing career?

“Since I was young, I’ve always loved writing. I decided there was a need in the book industry for a children’s book about improv comedy. I was an improviser for as long as I can remember; I just didn’t know what it was called yet. The Giraffe That Taught Me How To Laugh is the book I wish I had as a kiddo!”

– Was getting published hard?

“Yes and no. The publishing world is a fierce industry. As long as you have the drive, know your resources and won’t take no as an answer, you will get your work published.”

– What genre is your book?

“The book is children’s literature, focusing on the performing arts. I’d also love it if readers would provide a review on Amazon to let others know how much you all love The Giraffe That Taught Me How To Laugh. Word of mouth help indie authors more than you know.”

– What are your current projects?

“My team and I recently launched our new home on the world wide web, jonjonandco.com. The Jon Jon & Co. site is the place to find out anything about me and upcoming projects.”


– What’s next for you?

“What’s next for me? Currently casting for season four of andCo, a Whose-Line-Is-It-Anyway style improvisation show. I am also wrapping up publication on my next book, The Giraffe and Cheetah Taught Me Theater. The book will be out nationwide at most major retailers in 2016.”

– Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule for this interview.

“Thank you for taking the time to sit with me. I really appreciate the support!”


For more information on the author and Jon Jon & Co: www.jonjonandco.com

To purchase the book on Jon Jon & Co: www.jonjonandco.com/apps/webstore/

To purchase the book on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/The-Giraffe-That-Taught-Laugh/dp/1449059309

Abolaji Muyiwa Akinbo (Pastor Bo): A prayer warrior and best-selling author


A prayer warrior, best-selling author, teacher and preacher of the word, with a strong desire to help people achieve their dreams and fulfill their God given potential.

Abolaji Muyiwa Akinbo (Pastor Bo) is the Founding Pastor of God’s Family Bible Church, in Palm Coast, FL. USA.

He is a graduate of University of Lagos, Nigeria, Rhema Bible Training College Broken Arrow Oklahoma, and Life Christian University Tampa.

His friends and congregation only call him Pastor Bo.

Pastor Bo is married to Doranda Akinbo who pastors with him in Florida.

They are blessed with three incredible children, two boys and a girl; Ore, Ayo, and Sade.

Pastor Bo is the author of three books: Created to Manifest, Parents! Loose your Children from Bondage, Prayer, Power & Results!


-How did you decide to pursue a writing career?

“It was a gradual process, but I realized years ago that God had deposited so much in me to make a major contribution to this world. I know it will be a travesty and tragedy to die without emptying myself to make the difference and the impact I was created to in this world, but I also knew very strongly that there is no better way to make a sustained indelible impact than through books. Books will go to a faraway distance where I may not be able to go, books will go to places without electricity and technology, books will go behind iron, political, ideological, religious and cultural walls and curtains. Books does not need visa or passport. One of my friends just sent the books to Saipan and Guam.

– Are your characters based on people you know?

“My books are all non-fiction.”

– What genre are your books?

“Christian self-help and motivational.”

– Which of your books is your most favorite?

“I love them all, and it’s very difficult to pick one, that’s why I try to promote and market them equally, but if I absolutely have to pick one I will probably say “PRAYER, POWER & RESULTS!”

– Do you have a specific writing routine?

“I lock myself up in either my office or writing closet (yes I have a writing closet) and just write for hours on end, sometimes for days as long I’m getting the inspiration. I am working on just writing daily as a routine.”

– What are your current projects?

“I think my next book is probably called ‘From Potential To Destiny’. However, I have two other books I can publish this year which are probably 70-80% done. One is on leadership, the other is more general addressing just different life issues.”

What is next for you?

“My most pressing desire now is to take this message God has given me to every part of this country, on as many platform as possible, through every possible means and to every part of the world. In addition to serving as the pastor of Pastor of God’s Family Bible Church, I travel nationally and internationally.

I will be in Nigeria and Tanzania for three weeks b/w June 23rd and July 13 preaching in several churches.”


Abolaji Muyiwa Akinbo’s (Pastor Bo) Books


Created to ManifestKnowing the truth about your life will surely set you free. Created To Manifest will open your mind to powers that lay dormant, strengths that are virtually untapped and privileges often hidden from believers due to lack of knowledge.


Parents! Loose your Children from BondageThis book’s approach will educate parents on getting to the source of issues within themselves, and their families. The author concentrates on several areas that parents may deal with internally, offering sound biblical advice and God’s direction. It’s an eye-opener to readers about what is going on around them. In these last days, this book is an essential tool to assist parents and non-parents alike, in understanding how to bring about God’s destiny for their lives, and their children. This is a must read because it helps you understand yourself and your offspring.


Prayer, Power & Results!In this incredible book you will find how to pray, why and when to pray, and what to pray. It is an easy read, yet profound, powerful and inspirational. You will find thousands of uncommon biblical prayer points inspired by God, crafted for specific life situations so that you will never say I don’t know what or how to pray every again. You will be amazed at the results and testimonies.

For More Information: http://www.akinbointernationalministries.com/

Brittney Woodson and her ‘Nightmare Chronicles’ book series


Brittney Woodson is a freelance fiction writer in Detroit, Michigan. She has been writing fiction since her childhood. As an adult her passionate for writing expanded and she decided to enhance her skills in the craft. This is when her first idea of a serialized novel, Nightmare Chronicles, started to form in her mind. She is currently publishing her serial novel with Channillo. Avid readers can subscribe to follow the YA paranormal romance story.

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  • Brittney, please tell us more about yourself?
    “I’m a preschool teacher, with a passion for writing, love for animals, music, manga, and movies, especially old black and white classics and any Aflred Hitchcock movie. Rear Window being on of my favorites by him.”
  • How did you decide to pursue a writing career?
    “Writing was something I’ve always been passionate about. I started my first story when I was twelve-years-old, and as I grew older, I realized that I wanted to publish my own stories. I wanted to write novels that stood out from your average cliches readers see nowadays.”
  • Was getting published hard?
    “Currently, I’m published on a serialized literature website called Channillo. Anyone can sign up for it. However, I must admit, I was surprised when I received my acceptance mail! Channillo is a new website that launched March 30th. It’s doing quite well so far! I’m glad to be apart of it. “
  • Are your characters based on people you know?
    ” None of my characters on Nightmare Chronicles are based on people I know in real life. The characters were simply born through my vivid imagination. However, I do have another novel that I’m working on and the main character’s name is of someone I know in real life, but only their name, not personality, haha.”
  • What genre are your books?
    “The majority of my book genres are paranormal, fantasy, dystopian, psychological thrillers, mysteries and with romance included. My current title on Channillo, Nightmare Chronicles, is a dark paranormal romance genre. I do have one particular story that I plan to work on in the future that is a psychological paranormal thriller. It may seem like a somewhat odd combination, but it’s something I believe readers would find interesting! “
  • Which of your books is your most favorite?
    ” To be honest, my favorite book is a series called, Hell Hounds. This is a story that I plan to publish traditionally once the edits are completed. This is also the series I mentioned above that I used a friend of mine name for the main character. This particular story is focused on anti-heroes, which I believe would be different in a way.”
  • Do you have a specific writing routine?
    “Well, when writer’s block isn’t kicking my butt, haha, I normally don’t have a writing routine. I just start writing whenever I feel the need to write.”


  • What are your current projects?
    “Currently, I’m just focused on getting the word out there about NIGHTMARE CHRONICLES. For anyone that is interested in reading it, you can subscribe to the series on Channillo. If you do happen to read this serial novel, please let me know what you think of it by contacting me on Twitter!”
  • What’s next for you?
    “I have a few upcoming project, mostly Hell Hounds and possibly a story psychological romance thriller (or maybe another paranormal, haha.) I love that genre, most likely because I am quite fond of horror.
  • Thank you, Brittney, for this chat.
    “I’d like to give a special thanks for having me on your blog. I really appreciate it. :)”

When Brittney Woodson isn’t writing, she can be found working as a teacher at a preschool and binge watching black and white classic movies on Netflix, spending time with two of her four-legged animals and curling up a chair reading a book.


*Link to Nightmare Chronicles: http://channillo.com/series/nightmare-chronicles/
*Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/brittneywoodson.author
*Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6524403.Brittney_Canna
*Twitter: https://twitter.com/brittney_canna
*Brittney’s blog: http://brittneywoodson.tumblr.com/

Author Audrey Burke-Moore on “The Choice: Weighted Letters”


Audrey Burke-Moore is the female literary genius behind the recently launched The Choice Series: Weighted Letters. Based now in Adamsville, Alabama, she’s always had a love for writing.

Audrey fell in love with words at a young age, and often admired how words gave her the ability to express her innermost thoughts and feelings. Avid in poetry writing, she has always found ways to articulate words through building foundations based on real-life understandings. A wife and a mother of three, Audrey uses the world as her illustration to help create a visual thought of the written word.


Today I have the pleasure and the honor to have Audrey on my blog and ask her a few questions about her work.

– Who exactly is Audrey Burke-Moore?
“I am an author and an inspiring playwright.”

– How did you decide to pursue a writing career?
“I have loved writing since I was a young child. Writing is my outlet, it allows me to create, climax and end the characters story.”

– Are your characters based on people you know?
“Maybe their demeanor, but for the most part I create them.”

– What genre is your book?
“My book is adult fiction.”

– Which of your books is your most favorite?
“The Choice: Weighted Letters”

– Do you have a specific writing routine?
“My writing routine differs with the mood of the day. ”

– What are your current projects?
“I am working on my next three books that extend my book series “The Choice” and writing my first playwright.”


“The Choice: Weighted Letters” BUY LINKS

Price: $19.99 Buy Now

Price: $3.99 (eBook) Buy Now

Kindle Book Buy Now

Next to be Released

The Next book that is in production is called The Transient: Phobia.
Release Date: Spring 2016

Audrey Burke-Moore Website