Author Audrey Burke-Moore on “The Choice: Weighted Letters”


Audrey Burke-Moore is the female literary genius behind the recently launched The Choice Series: Weighted Letters. Based now in Adamsville, Alabama, she’s always had a love for writing.

Audrey fell in love with words at a young age, and often admired how words gave her the ability to express her innermost thoughts and feelings. Avid in poetry writing, she has always found ways to articulate words through building foundations based on real-life understandings. A wife and a mother of three, Audrey uses the world as her illustration to help create a visual thought of the written word.


Today I have the pleasure and the honor to have Audrey on my blog and ask her a few questions about her work.

– Who exactly is Audrey Burke-Moore?
“I am an author and an inspiring playwright.”

– How did you decide to pursue a writing career?
“I have loved writing since I was a young child. Writing is my outlet, it allows me to create, climax and end the characters story.”

– Are your characters based on people you know?
“Maybe their demeanor, but for the most part I create them.”

– What genre is your book?
“My book is adult fiction.”

– Which of your books is your most favorite?
“The Choice: Weighted Letters”

– Do you have a specific writing routine?
“My writing routine differs with the mood of the day. ”

– What are your current projects?
“I am working on my next three books that extend my book series “The Choice” and writing my first playwright.”


“The Choice: Weighted Letters” BUY LINKS

Price: $19.99 Buy Now

Price: $3.99 (eBook) Buy Now

Kindle Book Buy Now

Next to be Released

The Next book that is in production is called The Transient: Phobia.
Release Date: Spring 2016

Audrey Burke-Moore Website

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