#BookBlast: ‘Nine Short Horror Stories, Vol. 1’ by B. Scott #FREE #DOWNLOAD


Nine Short Horror Stories, Vol. 1
Imagination is Deadly
By B. Scott

Human suffering, pain and the last stitch effort to escape into the light.
Light and darkness don’t always speak loud enough to guide. In some cases, nothing reaches out.

‘Nine Short Horror Stories, Vol. 1’ features nine original stories, each of them exploring the above.

The prevailing question is whether hope is a matter of emotional discernment or a state of the spirit.

Short stories featured in ‘Nine Short Horror Stories, Vol. 1’ *

The Subject
Savage Embrace
Special Permissions
The Claimed
A Single Rune
Who Said That
Light’s Shadow
Lake Effect
Please Sign Here
Plus a BONUS

* Joan Hovey, accomplished author from New Brunswick and B. Scott’s mentor, strongly encouraged him to publish every one she read.



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‘Nine Short Horror Stories, Vol. 1’ FREE DOWNLOAD (click on the link below)


Author’s Note

This book was designed with one focus: to find yourself moving through the waves of change… from one dangerous set of emotions to the next.
Buckle up.
It will be a ride.

Author Bio


Your author of forty-three years, B. Scott (pen-name), presents his latest collection. He caught the “writing bug” a few years back. He continues to write based on personal experiences that have shaped him and others.

His background includes fifteen years of experience as a respiratory therapist serving as a sleep specialist / oxygen specialist for industry-leading corporations throughout North America. He served in the U.S. Military for nearly a decade and was awarded a Medal of Service for the first Middle East War. He is certified as a Personal Trainer. He holds a Master’s Degree in Health Sciences and a degree in Respiratory Therapy. He is also a graduate from Brighton High School in Michigan. He was born, raised, and lived the first third of his life in Lakewood, Ohio. He has spent the last ten years in Toronto, Ontario, where he currently resides.

What you have read is a product of his deeply embedded belief that energy is transformable, sometimes scary, adaptable, and is shimmering with light. The written themes you enjoy are in honor and respect to the Forces of Dark, Grey and Light.

B. Scott’s website


Keep in touch with B. Scott

Twitter: @deviantbill

Facebook: /bill.bistak

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