Hawk Mikado on ‘How To Avoid The 3 Challenges That Can Kill Your Business’


Hawk Mikado is a businessman and entrepreneur from San Diego, California (USA). He is the leading expert in online to offline marketing and sales systems and he has built over 7 profitable businesses, in the multi-six figures.

Hawk Mikado has dedicate his time to helping companies increase revenues and their employees become focused on their passion, and confident about their path.

Today we are discussing his latest eBook ‘The 3 Major Challenges That Can Kill Your Business… And How to Easily Avoid Them’.


  • Hawk, you are a successful entrepreneur, an adventurer, and a family man. But life hasn’t always been roses for you.

When I was in High school, I felt very misunderstood and I was defiantly different. As a result of being different, I wanted to fit in, to be “normal” to have lots of friends. I started to hang out with the wrong crowd, we would drink, smoke, and skip class. This didn’t help me fit in, because I was still able to make A’s & B’s through it all. I did have the occasional C and one class I got a D, but that didn’t stop me.

I traveled the world, visiting 13 countries and nearly 1/2 of the US. I saw people all around the world who felt misunderstood, and have a message to share with the world.

Move forward to when I was 18, I had just broke up with my girlfriend of the time and, was devastated. I spiraled into my business, and I was in full force creative mode, but I didn’t eat… All I did was drink OJ (with Vodka most of the time)… I would be up working for 20 hours at a time, getting maybe a few hours of sleep, the right back to it when I got up.

I got to a point where my body shutdown, and as a result I ended up in the hospital, The first night I was there I Died 3 Times, My heart Stopped 3 Times, and every time they were able to revive me.”


  • What was the turning point?

“When I came to the Dr. walked in and said to me “You need to change your life, or you will die”… I made a decision to commit my life to supporting people to live their passions. I started to work on my 1 on 1 practice. I found I needed leaders to share their wisdom to support me in growing and being able to communicate in a way that everyone understood me. Since then I have been mentored by leading experts and received the training I needed to be able to support companies to share their message in a compelling, inspiring, and value driven way and create an environment that is conducive of great success.

  • Has business and entrepreneurship been your passion for many years? How did it all start?

“My passion for business started when I was in second grade. My dad and I were at the grocery store and he said, “You can buy anything you want.” I was excited and I searched through the store until I found something that I simply couldn’t resist. Going around trying different samples, until I came upon natural dried mango! Oh my, it was delicious! I made a bag of it for myself and brought it to my dad. As we were walking out of the store, I was eating it… I ate it ALL! And I asked my dad for more, he was shocked that I had eaten the entire bag and told me “If you want more you’re going to have to figure out how to get it yourself.” I was determined to buy more… but how could I make money, I had no allowance, no way to earn money. While at school, I learned how to create paper balloons. I got an idea… I could sell them. And that is how it all started. The rest is history.”


  • What strategies did you use in building your own businesses?

“Pre-selling has been the number one way to grow my business. This is one of the strategies that we teach to our clients and in our programs. The principle is to sell your products or program to enough people that you get paid to develop a new product or program. I go more in depth with this in our Linked With Clients Online training, and in my other book ‘The CMO Handbook’. What I’ve found though, is most businesses need to address the first 3 challenges they face, before they can pre-sell.”

  • What are some of the mistakes you’ve learned from along the way?

“The first was thinking that I could grow off of referrals alone. I didn’t have enough qualified leads to grow my business and follow up on. So I went out and found leads, and things began improving.

Once I had leads, I assumed that everyone would want to buy my program, and I had people who could buy, but I didn’t understand how to sell to them. I had to learn how to sell to them. Which led to me selling small ticket programs for $100 – $200. Those caused me more problems than I could have ever imagined. I soon figured out that selling a $200 program was just as much effort as selling, the exact same program for $2,000, but the people buying it were much more satisfied.

The last was thinking that I could do it all on my own, because it was my baby and I was the only one who could do it right… Boy was I wrong! The moment I brought team members on it made things better. I had to fire my entire team because of performance issues; I learned the value of having the right team around me. Our company now has 3 partners, a core support team, and over 70 people who help us deliver, as we need them.”


  • What are three strategies you recommend for moving a business to the next level of success?

“Spend the time to learn how to get more qualified leads, increase big-ticket sales, and bring the right people onto your team. You can learn about all 3 in our book Available at http://nvrt.me/3killers

  • Who can benefit from learning ‘The 3 Major Challenges That Can Kill Your Business… And How to Avoid Them?’

“Business owners and executives who are struggling to get their business to the next level. They may be working on their first $10,000 in revenues or on their next million, but can’t breakthrough. These principles can also be taught to team members, and management to improve productivity and increase profits in their entire company.”

  • Can implementing what I learn in your book be used to increase sales?

“The simple answer is YES! The long answer is, on average we see an increase of up to 300% in engagement and 199% increase in sales conversions. In the last quarter we have experienced over a 1,500% increase in our sales, leveraging these principles.”

  • These days, there are so many opportunities for companies to have a good presence online. What are some of the tools businesses can use to achieve a greater brand exposure on the Internet?

“One of my favorite tools is LinkedIn. It’s the #1 way for a B2B company to gain massive exposure to the people who are interested in buying what they have to offer. We have an entire list of tools that we use and recommend, which are included at the back of the book. You can download the book at http://nvrt.me/3killers

ABOUT ‘The 3 Major Challenges That Can Kill Your Business… And How to Avoid Them’

In The 3 Major Challenges That Can Kill Your Business… And How to Avoid Them’ one will find the simple yet important keys to developing a business that will grow.

The best part about this is that these 3 “laws” of business are seen by businesses that are making multiple Billion’s to those just starting out.

The first challenge is all about your relationships and InVert share some very cool techniques on how to develop these relationships.

The second challenge is related to making sales. This means you have to convert the leads you get into PAYING customers. Yet not just any type of paying customer, you’re going to need some BIG-TICKET products & services that you can offer and sell.

So why are you focusing on the $500’s when you have $1,000’s laying at your door?

The last is around your team. The right team can make all of the difference, and having the tools that get you the results you want to begin with is even better.

Another part of your team are your centers of influence. They are the JV’s, Affiliates, & promotional partners that give you the ability to leverage everything you’re doing.

If you’re interested in learning all of these things you can download our book and watch the free training video inside as well.

How to get this book:

Text InVert to 96000 or visit http://NVRT.ME/3Killers


Hawk Mikado’s Bio

Hawk Mikado (Me-Caw-Doe) Speaker, Best Selling Author, & CEO of InVert

Hawk Mikado is the leading expert in online to offline marketing and sales systems. He is the creator of The Ultimate Marketing and Sales System, a powerful 9 step process to attract, convert and deliver value to your customers so you build trust while increasing sales. He will help you craft values-based messaging that inspires and engages your customers to buy every step of the way. Hawk Mikado has co-founded 7 profitable businesses and sold all but this marketing company which he has been nurturing over the last 14 years to be the success it is today.

Hawk Mikado is an entrepreneur, an adventurer, and a family man. He has fun every day and truly love everything business. It’s his passion and life purpose to help companies succeed. He is the expert in marketing and sales strategies. Hawk Mikado traveled the world 12 times over, and knew at a young age that he wanted to help and serve in a HUGE way.

He set out to learn everything about business and gives back by sharing his knowledge with others. He continues to have fun traveling the world, spending time with the love of his life, Caitlin and going to the zoo, and Disneyland with his friends and family. He has a very giving heart, dedicating his time to helping companies increase revenues and their employees become focused on their passion, and confident about their path.

Need to Contact Hawk?

Email Concierge@InVertStrategies.com

Phone Number is 855.350.4295.


‘The 3 Major Challenges That Can Kill Your Business… And How to Avoid Them’

Go to http://nvrt.me/3killers or Text InVert to 96-000.

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