“Lowlands and a Highlander’s Love”, “Highland Promise”: J.C. Hughes’ breathtaking Scottish novels


J.C. Hughes is living a very peaceful life in United States with her loving family. Although she lives far from Scotland, she never forgets the place where she grew up and came from. It will always remain in her heart and inspire her to write Scottish novels.

J.C. Hughes

J.C. Hughes want to present to the world the beauty of Scotland, a place full of stories waiting to be known by the next generation.

Her heartwarming Scottish Historical Romance stories are thrilling and breathtaking, they are real page-turners.

J.C. Hughes’ new book Lowlands and a Highlander’s Love (Scottish Historical Romance Highlander) was recently released and that gave me the chance to have a little chat with her. Here is what we talked about…


– So, what separates J.C Hughes from other authors?
“Well, I read a lot of romance books myself and feel that just because it is a romance story doesn’t mean it shouldn’t also have an element of suspense to it. I also like to sometimes add some elements of mystery since romance at its core can be a very mysterious emotion.”

– Why do you think readers like your books?
“Well, I like to think that my stories provide the same heartwarming feeling I get when I read a great romance story. I myself love the escape that is given which allows you to live through your fantasy. As I mentioned I myself love romance books, but even the bestsellers are sometimes too long. I decided that in the heat of the moment readers would prefer a thrilling romance story which can be finished the same day.”

– What inspires you when writing your romance books?
“I do get inspired by other great authors like Julie Garwood and also Karen Marie Moning although I feel that romance novellas can complement romance novels as they can be read in one evening.

– How did you decide to pursue a writing career?
“I have written a lot of theatre stories in co-operation with others and I realized that writing was something that was very personal to me. After reading romance stories and other genres that I could relate to for years I decided to try this as well.”

– Was getting published hard?
“Yes, the writing part. The editing, the shredding, the lack of confidence, the writers blocks and of course you need inspiration. On top of that it has to appeal to several different people to even be considered to be published. Kindle unlimited on my kindle reader helped with this process a lot.”

– Are your characters based on people you know?
“Not entirely. They are a mixture of different people and their reactions to certain situations. So my characters aren’t solely based on one person. They’re a few different personalities made into one that fits the character and story.”

– What genre are your books?
“Mostly Scottish Historical Romance. I’ve never experienced anything with such passion and authentic love. When reading Scottish Historical Romance you can’t help but to connect on an internal level. I also add some Medieval Romance and Scottish highlander stories into the mix.”

– Which of your books is your most favorite?
“I am excited about my latest release Lowlands and a Highlander’s Love. My kindle reader makes it so easy to have all of my favorites like Julie Garwood and Maya Banks in one place. I love it. My favorite all time is probably the “Outlander” series by Diana Gabaldon.”

– Do you have a specific writing routine?
“Usually, I just write to get my thoughts out. I start with an idea, let it develop, then organize it. Taking breaks are also important when writing. I don’t want to mentally exhaust myself during the process.”

– What are your current projects?
“Another story coming shortly. Possibly an e-book. Right now I’m just basking in the moment.”

– What’s next for you?
“Me and my Kindle reader will probably take a short hiatus to travel and gain more inspiration. A change of scenery and a good read is always refreshing.”



J.C. Hughes’ fascination with history has gone a long way, from being a voracious reader to a writer of her own novel about Scottish heritage. She is also a big fan of romance, that she was inspired to write the “Highland Promise”. She is a woman of strength, faith, and substance. After her previous novel, Hughes plans to do more love stories in the future. Right now she is brainstorming and collaborating with friends to publish another novel that will inspire people, mostly adults who believe in the power of love.




Lowlands and a Highlander’s Love (Scottish Historical Romance Highlander) http://www.amazon.com/Scottish-Historical-Romance/dp/B013FA5ZE2/

HIGHLAND PROMISE (Scottish Historical Romance Highlander)

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