Connie Kerbs a.k.a. The Fostering Mom on ‘Pebbled Lane Books series’ and many more


Connie Kerbs is, and always has, been a writer. An early and ardent student of Language Arts, she is a prolific writer and intense lover of great poetry, which she describes as a life-saving, game-changer. Along with the poetry, Connie a.k.a. The Fostering Mom, also writes fiction, non-fiction, inspirational tales, memoirs, children’s stories, and everything in between! She has been published in Foster Focus, Love Alters and 88+ Ways Music Can Change Your Life. She currently has a variety of publishing projects in the works, including the Pebbled Lane Books series.


“When not writing and mothering her large family, Connie serves on the Board of Directors (President, Past) of the Spokane Youth Symphony. She is also the Vice President of the Foster Parent Association of Washington State, (FPAWS),” Connie told me in a little chat we recently had.

I asked Connie to describe her journey into the literary world and that’s what she told me:

“I have been writing since I could hold a pencil! I wrote my first novel in the second grade (thank you to Mrs. West, for all the encouragement!) I’ve never stopped writing. I am an avid journalist, & writing poetry is cathartic for someone whose life work (foster parenting high needs kiddos for 23 years) is the ultimate reward – and sometimes the ultimate stress.


“I was created to write. Then life stretched me, honed me, and turned me inside out. Then it stewed and brewed me in a potpourri of passions, places, and people. Turns out, that was just all for tenderizing and seasoning, so I could have hearty, worthwhile things to write about. Life also had a few other little plans for me along the way. Sixteen of them, for starters.


“A lifetime ago I embarked with my childhood friend, and high school sweetheart of a husband on an epic journey of foster-adopt parenting. This life-altering decision took us down a winding road of multiple adoptions, (13 for the curious), and eventually compelled us into robust advocacy for child-welfare and family issues.​

“It is a monumental, and a yet, highly IM-perfected task, (even with so much practice), of raising all these complicated and wonderful people who call me mom. My diverse brood also includes three miraculous birth children we thought would never come, and several differently-abled children, and (now) adults, who bless us with a unique kind of life every day we are privileged to remain in their presence.”

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More about Connie Kerbs

Connie Kerbs, aka the Fostering Mom writes poetry, fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, Inspirational, and a little of everything in between.

It’s the stuff of this thing called life pieced together into a body of work that I hope is inspiring, nurturing and enjoyable. I pray it will ripple out positively…and be a little spot of light, hope, faith, and love wherever it goes…

Connie’s Pebbled Lane Books series is a project which serves as a means to help others – either by acting as an outlet for serious writers to publish their stories, or by supporting worthy causes directly through the proceeds. Her passion for this project is as evident as the love for her husband and her children, who fuel her inspiration and her desire for success.


Pebbled Lane Books Series

Connie Kerbs’ Website






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