Casey Fry on ‘De Facto Dead’, the next story in the ‘Roger Lamb Case Files’


Casey Fry is an author of fantasy, supernatural, and mystery. She has always held a deep fascination with the mythological and fantastical, and it shows in her writing.

Casey Fry is getting to celebrate the release of her new book ‘De Facto Dead’ and that gave me the chance to have a little chat with her about her books and her experiences in self-publishing.

That’s how Casey describes herself:

“I am an avid lover of the paranormal and the fantastical. I spend my free time studying mythology and psychology, and I love incorporating it into my writing. When I’m not working on my next book, I enjoy watching horror movies, buying more books than I can read, and painting.”

  • How did you decide to pursue a writing career?

“I was ten when I decided I was going to be an author. My mom and I had gone to see ‘Little Women’ in theatres and I wanted to be just like Jo. I started writing on the way back from the theatre and I haven’t stopped since.”


  • Was getting published hard?

“When I finished my first book, I tried to get in with traditional publishers, but I found it very difficult. I turned to self-publishing when I was introduced to someone who assisted authors in getting their works published. I’ve continued self-publishing my books and I enjoy the experience I get through the process and learning to market my own work.”

  • Are your characters based on people you know?

“As with any writing, the characters I create have bits and pieces from myself and people that I know, but I don’t often go in basing my characters off specific people. There are some exceptions – in ‘Dragon Circle’, Marissa’s involvement in wrestling and personality is loosely based upon my brother. I also have some future books planned in which some very good friends of mine make an appearance, or play a villain, but any more and I’d be telling.”

  • What genre are your books?

“My books are primarily fantasy, often dark fantasy, paranormal thriller, and mystery. They touch upon other genres, as well, including horror, science fiction, and romance.”


  • Which of your books is your most favorite?

“Now that’s a tough question. I love all of my books, but if I had to pick a favorite, it would probably be ‘Hunt’, the first book in the ‘DeathSpeaker Trilogy’. ‘Hunt’ was my debut novel and holds a special place in my heart. After ‘De Facto Dead’ is released, I’ll be back to working on Hunt’s sequel, ‘The God Stone’.”

  • Do you have a specific writing routine?

“My writing routine seems to be ‘grab whatever spare moment to scribble something down’. At the moment, I am only able to write part-time. I’m hoping to change this in the future, but I often write on weekends, after work, and on lunch breaks, and I always have a notebook and pen with me.”

  • What are your current projects?

“Currently, I am finishing up ‘De Facto Dead’, the next story in the ‘Roger Lamb Case Files’. The series follows private detective Roger Lamb as he deals with the knowledge that the “mythological” is actually real, while working alongside Officer Alexis Berkley in the fictional city of Spectre, New York. ‘De Facto Dead’ is due out November 2, 2015.”

  • What’s next for you?

“After ‘De Facto Dead’ is released at the beginning of November, I’ll be back to working on ‘The God Stone’, the second book in the ‘DeathSpeaker Trilogy’ and the sequel to my debut novel, ‘Hunt’.”



Dragon Circle

Beyond Doorways

Heroes & Villains


Casey Fry grew up in Hughesville, Pennsylvania, where she attended high school. She wasted no time in going to college, starting her higher education at Pennsylvania College of Technology, where she had been taking some classes already during her senior year of high school.

After a few years working toward a Library Science degree, Casey changed her major to Secondary Education and transferred to Bloomsburg University. It was a few years later that she realized that, while teaching literature was a wonderful field, it was not one that suited her. She changed her major again, this time to Creative Writing, and later graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in her chosen field.

Casey has been writing since she was very young, but her desire to become a full-time novelist was only put into words when she was ten years old. She will always attribute her introduction to the idea of being a writer to Louisa May Alcott’s masterpiece, Little Women, and the character Jo, whom Casey found to be a deep inspiration.

In 2000, the James V. Brown Library sponsored a writing contest open to students who were still in high school or below. Casey entered her first book into this contest, a 73-page novel entitled The Beginning of The Wolf, about a young girl who was sent to another world and forced to find her own way home. The book was written when she was twelve and Casey took the advice “write what you know” to extremes, basing the main character almost entirely off herself. She won the contest, however, and the book was published for a year in the James V. Brown Library. A copy still remains in her hometown library, thanks to the librarians there who knew Casey and wished to keep a copy present for people to enjoy.

In the years following, Casey wrote many things, mostly consisting of horror short stories and various poems, some of which were published in the local newspaper or online magazines. Her passion has always been for books, and even while she continues to write short stories and think up poems from time to time, it is in the many pages of a novel that her stories truly flourish.

Casey lives in a small town in central Pennsylvania. Her frequent writing companions are Snickers and Tootsie, her indoor cats, who enjoy lying under the desk lamp while she’s working.





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