The mysterious Mr Roy Albert Andrade: author of ‘Cultivating the DNA of Crime’ and ‘Virula: Renaissance Outlaw’


Roy Albert Andrade is an author. Roy Albert Andrade is a stock market investor. Roy Albert Andrade is a cosmopolitan. Roy Albert Andrade is a mysterious personality surrounded by an air of intrigue. Roy has gained notoriety on Facebook and Twitter and capitalized on his popularity by releasing his first novel, ‘Cultivating the DNA of Crime’. To the delight of his many fans worldwide his second novel, ‘Virula: Renaissance Outlaw’ followed soon after.

So my first question to him couldn’t be any other than…

Roy with famous actor, Danny Trejo

  • How did you decide to pursue a writing career?
    “I graduated from the University of Phoenix with an Associate of Arts with a concentration in Business Foundations back in 2011, I think (LOL) and decided that I would start-up a business in the automotive industry. I later decided it would be best if I ventured into various industries, so, I invested financial capital into the stock market, and later pursued a career as an author, which, has been an exciting experience.”
  • Was getting published hard?
    “Getting published was not going to be easy, but, it was not going to be impossible. I wrote Cultivating the DNA of Crime and presented it to college students of UCLA as a short survey, which I paid each participant $50 at a Westwood, California coffee shop for their feedback. And 8 out of 10 people actually enjoyed reading it. I knew this was going to be a profitable, yet, challenging career. K1LLER, Inc. of Beverly Hills, California published the book on May 5, 2014.”

A cosmopolitan’s life

  • Are your characters based on people you know?
    “Yes and No. (LOL) I build characters around people I know, and with the help of a little imagination, I create the dialogue.”
  • What genre are your books?
    “Cultivating the DNA of Crime and Virula: Renaissance Outlaw are fiction novels. However, I intend to write different genres, such as, science fiction, romance, fantasy, mysteries in the future. There is more to life than simply writing about crime, so, I know the books I write in the future will be quite interesting, and entertaining, because I am cosmopolitan.”
  • Which of your books is your most favorite?
    “Man! That’s a hard ball question to answer. Can you repeat the question? (LOL) It would have to be a coin toss decision, because both books are really intriguing. I have to be brutally honest, these books are packed with excitement, adventure, and most importantly, information.”
  • Do you have a specific writing routine?
    “I like this question! I sure do. Funny that you ask. (LOL) I write whenever it’s convenient. I have a number of activities I’m involved in day-to-day, but, when I focus on writing, I get [expletive] done. I get to work! I write, and write, and write until I feel I’ve accomplished what I would have in a month’s timeframe, all in one day. Seriously! Truthfully speaking, I really do enjoy writing, but, I also have to remember, it’s not my only source of income.”


  • What are your current projects?
    “I’m invested heavily in the stock market, and other profitable ventures, but, as far as books, I am working on a manuscript that’s going to be published as a second novel of the Virula: Renaissance Outlaw series.”
  • What’s next for you?
    “To continue writing and publishing as many books as possible can before I die. The Roy Albert Andrade brand is growing rapidly, and I know sooner or later other people are going to want to work with K1LLER, Inc. Thank you for this interview, it was a pleasurable experience.”

Thank you, Roy! That was a FUN interview!

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Cultivating the DNA of Crime

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