Author Alyssa Rae talks about ‘A Lion’s Pride’ and ‘A Rebel Star’


Alyssa Rae was born in Massachusetts and currently resides in a small, historic town in North Carolina. She is a devoted and enthusiastic reader, writer, and movie goer. Her debut novel, A Lion’s Pride, was published in early 2013. A Rebel Star is her second novel.

Alyssa told me more about her book in a interesting conversation we had a few days ago…


  • First of all, I’d like to ask you who exactly Alyssa Rae is.

“I am 25 years old. I was born in Boston, Massachusetts and grew up in North Carolina, raised by a half Irish-half Italian family. My family alone gives me enough material to write many books, perhaps one day I’ll focus on that. I love to write, play the piano, and think up stories for young adults.”

  • How did you decide to pursue a writing career?

“I’ve always loved writing. As soon as I was able to put a pen to paper I would write these silly, sometimes awful, poems for my Mom. In high school I took creative writing and journalism classes. I had so many notebooks filled with short stories and story ideas that one day I decided I just needed to finish one. I picked the story that had the most material and a year later I published A Lion’s Pride.”

  • Was getting published hard?

“I self-published both of my books using Amazon’s Createspace platform. Createspace makes publishing very fast and easy, especially for someone with little or no experience with publishing.”

  • Are your characters based on people you know?

“None of my main characters in either book are based on people I know, but several of my friends and family members have made appearances as minor characters.”

  • What genre are your books?

“My books are written for teens and young adults. Both feature strong, independent, young women, action, and a little bit of romance.”

  • Which of your books is your most favorite?

A Lion’s Pride will always be special to me because it was my first completed novel, but I have truly enjoyed immersing myself in the Ogoni people’s struggle featured in A Rebel Star.”

  • Do you have a specific writing routine?

“I always outline my stories in bullet points first. I make a list of all the characters and the major events and their details so I have something to reference while I am writing. The very first chapter that I write is the ending; I have to know where the story is going to take me before I can start the beginning. I also don’t write everything in order. I like to start with writing the scenes that are the most vivid in my mind. I can always tweak them later if I decide to make changes to the story.”

  • What are your current projects?

“I am currently working on the second book of the Rebel Star series. I am also working on the first novella for the series which will be written from Danny’s point of view.”

  • What’s next for you?

“I really enjoy writing for teens and young adults and am hoping to publish many more books within this genre.”


Book Title: A Rebel Star


Living atop the richest oil fields in Nigeria, the Ogoni people have battled for their rights against their own government and the greedy oil companies determined to take their lands. Chasing the secrets of her mother’s past, Marienela leaves her privileged life in London to visit the Ogoni villages. There she will witness the destruction of the environment caused by none other than the oil company her father controls. She will meet rebels and soldiers. Writers and fighters. Face violence and corruption. And, through it all she will have to choose. Will Marienla return to the comfort and safety of her London home, or will she become…

A Rebel Star

Book Category:

Teen, Young Adult

Author name:

Alyssa Rae

Author bio:

Alyssa Rae was born in Massachussetts and currently resides in a small town in North Carolina. She is a devoted and enthusiastic reader, writer, and movie goer. Her debut novel, A lions Pride, was published in early 2013. A Rebel Star is her second novel with many more projects soon to follow.


A Rebel Star (Volume 1)

A Lion’s Pride


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