Author JESSie NW on ‘The Solomon Sisters’ trilogy and the upcoming ‘Fasten Your Seat Belts’


‘What a personal story is that!” That’s what I told myself after the little chat I had with ‘The Solomon Sisters’ series author JESSie NW. I was shocked by what she’d been through and amazed by her courage to overcome the difficulties; the kind of difficulties that create great books and successful authors…


  • How did you decide to pursue a writing career?

“I did not consciously decide to pursue a writing career. My mother is a retired Professor who majored in English Writing.

There strict unwritten rules regarding English in our home i.e. reading, writing, homework but especially speaking clearly and enunciating. Sooo… we fast-forward 25+ years to getting married and having my husband abruptly taken from me during a robbery. I needed and finally accepted emotional therapy where I dealt with the anger, pain and grief surrounding this pain of being a 29-year old pregnant widow.

The self-medication came in the form or words on paper. I was successful in a few industries as a professional Project Manager. I then branched off on my own to assist small businesses in becoming successful entities, but found people rarely know what they really want from a business. They just want to make widgets and be happy. Oh and the business to be successful. The market did not bode as Small Business funding decrease and my motivation to chase clients dwindled because my private life kept intercepting due to my lack of trust for real happiness. I could not sustain a real relationship because of my fixation on my deceased husband. Therefore, I married and divorced after his death, failing in the marriage by putting my work first.

Finally, 11 years after his Charles death, I decided to be a cog in the wheel of the government where I put in my hours and jumped ship at the minimum tenure to pursue what always soothed my soul. Writing. I stopped running from it and embraced it with fervor. So technically my writing career pursued me. When I finally stopped running and gave in to its healing powers, I published my first book in June of 2013.”

  • Was getting published hard?

“No, putting the book on the shelf is not hard. Marketing, distribution and publicity is a daily challenge.”

  • Are your characters based on people you know?

“Not really, but yes. I use characteristics from various people and build one person with multiple personalities from real sources.”

  • What genre are your books?

“Fiction/Romance/Comedy/Suspense. The genre is multi-faceted as I am; all based from an African American Female voice because it really is impossible to write what you do not know. ”


  • Which of your books is your most favorite?

“My favorite book is ‘Fasten Your Seat Belts’. It is not published; in fact, it is not complete. I spent 10 years with the Department of Homeland Security and watching the public is humorous and enlightening. I learned to be a better human being by watching people do things that should be socially unacceptable. I also learned there is a way to achieve results without making a scene. Very few people know how to do this, either they accept the situation with no voice, or they use their voice to detriment. This book points out our human flaws and indelicacies in the work place and in our public interactions.”

  • Do you have a specific writing routine?

“Oh how I wish I could regal you with a patented tried and true work ethic for writing. But alas no, when life is not in my way i.e. cooking, washing clothes, dentist appointment’s, Mafia Wars, husband, holidays, marketing, relatives, etc. I write. I let the voices in my head have the conversations on paper and I fill in the scenarios that surround these conversations. Sometimes the conversations go back to high school with a teacher who was bullying me… and I let my voices reply. Often I do not realize these unresolved situations until the storyline in that chapter is complete.”

  • What are your current projects?

The Solomon Sisters are going to Italy to meet their illegitimate sister in Arms of Steel due for release in April 2016. Finishing the trilogy are Feet of Granite due for release in October of 2016. In between there, Fasten Your Seat Belts will fall on a shelf near you.”

  • What’s next for you?

“In 2016 I would like to see a virtual book tour each month and a physical book tour every other month, maybe even two straight months with 3 relaxing months in between. My husband is working on a schedule now and you can see the results by January 15, 2016 by signing up on Facebook or my Website for JESSie sightings during the year.”


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The Plastic Face Part 1 (The Solomon Sisters Book 1):

The Plastic Face Part 2 (The Solomon Sisters Book 1):

The bar is set high, the load hard to carry. Paralyzed at the chore of being a good example for her younger siblings, Jessica cringes at her sordid life. On the surface her strength, success and wisdom are always aglow, but she knows what lies beneath it all. Will they still love and respect her once they know the truth? Can she count on their support through the upcoming trauma? Life is beautiful because they care for each other, until… there is always that “UNTIL”!


A precocious child from birth, who rolled over at three months, walked at seven months, talked at 11 months; graduated with honors from high school at 16 and always knew what she did and did not want, whether she got it or not. It is no wonder that JESSie, who is an avid reader and pacesetter, began her writing career while in a mid-life crisis. Although she earned an AA in Fashion Design and a BA in Business Administration concentrating in Computer Technology, she has always made her own way, not asking anyone else to endorse her choices, but ever ready to be an endorser and supporter of others.


Twitter: @NWJESSie
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