Author Marcela Del Sol on her upcoming book “Kaleidoscope” inspired by her experience living with PTSD


Marcela Del Sol, is an Australian writer, born in Chile. She is a social activist and has been a model, an indie arts crusader and ghost writer.

She has recently decided to launch her first self-signed book, called “Kaleidoscope”, in early 2016. Marcela’s book is based on her personal experience living with PTSD and Dissociative Identity Disorder. I wanted to know more about Marcela, so I simply asked her…

  • Who exactly is Marcela Del Sol?

“A palette of infinite colours! I am a grateful and brave human being, a proud and loving mother, a woman who stands for fairness and justice. I am a bit of a free spirit that also likes high couture.

I was born in Chile and been living in Australia for over 20 years, I studied dramatic arts and justice related courses, I am a writer first and foremost (it is my way of exorcising my inner demons and to appease my soul’s appetite), a social activist and a woman who wants to make a difference.”


  • How did you decide to pursue a writing career?

“Who I am and why I write are aspects of my life that cannot be separated. After writing for others, I decided to do it for me as a way to appease my inner demons and to pour out all that continuously builds in me. I was diagnosed with a complicated mental disorder in 2013 and wanted to raise awareness and understanding about it, I would like this world to become friendlier and more inclusive. I am a Mum and also run social/cultural projects in at risk areas in Chile as I would like to contribute to a better world where my kids rejoice.

I didn’t follow a mainstream publishing avenue, I am a crusader for indie arts and thought I would go on my own. It has been a hard process; revisiting the manuscript many times, not sleeping, losing the plot, trying to maintain coherence while experience this condition has been a whole challenge on its own but having a wonderful editor has made a big difference.”

  • Are your characters based on people you know?

“Kaleidoscope” depicts my life co-existing with PTSD and dissociative identity disorder, the characters and situations are fictional but based on real events and people. I have tried to show what it is like to live like someone with DID; the stories are fictional but the process to get to them is not, if that makes any sense.”



  • What genre is your book?

“I suppose you could say it is semi biographical but also an erotic thriller. I have thought a lot about it and I cannot really come to a specific genre on this. I promise I will! Let’s call it fiction for now.”

  • Which of your books is your most favorite?

“I am in love with my current project, I feel I have birthed a creature of courage, strength, resilience and pride. It is a very intimate account of my life to some extent; the simple fact of coming out about my life has been, and still is, very bedazzling. I am aware of the judgment and discrimination I might have to face but I also feel it is a story of many that needs to be told.”

  • Do you have a specific writing routine?

“I’m not very disciplined, I cannot be (see how hard it is to have DID?) as it is very hard for me to abide by structured and inflexible schedules but I try to respond to my urge to write as soon as it cannot be held anymore, which is constant. I usually work better at night; the problem is the tiredness you feel when sleeping only a couple of hours…but it is worth it!”


  • What are your current projects?

“I am currently wrapping up this book, with the amazing help of my editor. We will have it ready for you and your readers to enjoy by March 2016. I will also soon be in Chile to start implementing a social/cultural project I launched in August where I aim to encourage kids at risk to develop and communicate through art, to give them wider aspirations and to make them feel validated as they should be.”

  • What’s next for you?

“I am also working on an erotic poetry book and would like to be able to share it with the world in the near future. In the meantime, I would like to just be a good human being.

Thank you very much for your time and the opportunity to share my new baby with you!”

My pleasure, Marcela! Your book sounds interesting, please keep us posted on its release.


Marcela has studies in Justice and dramatic arts and works with children at risk in Chile. She is a mother to two intellectually gifted children and now dedicates her life to philanthropy and writing.

Marcela also participates in social poetry and fights for the rights of children and women and for the improvement in mental health. Marcela shares her time between Chile and Australia.





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