Author Eva Xanthopoulos on her new fantasy book ‘The Escapist – Sought After Blood Lines, Book 1′


I always feel excited when I discover a fantasy book with a strong female lead. So you can understand my thrill when I was notified about this hot new release; The Escapist by Eva Xanthopoulos.

The Escapist’ is Sought After Blood Lines Book 1 and here is what it is about:

While the Townspeople of Eternicca find Vyvianna’s heart of gold to be both endearing and noble, she deems it to be her ultimate curse and is determined to rid herself of it no matter what the cost. Hailing from a lineage touched by a rare form of magick in a barricaded kingdom where all-things magickal are met with torment and wrath, she must keep her secret tucked away forevermore. Will she be able to mask her inner glisten or will it inevitably shine through and expose her to the cunning, ever-ruthless King Zollamedes? And no matter how many challenges transpire, will Vyvianna’s heart keep its golden reputation or will her ribcage soon become the home of an obsidian core, succumbing to a ruthlessness only tyrants should wield?

Map of Etherique Realm (click)

How intriguing Is that? I loved this blurb so much that I couldn’t wait to have a little chat with author Eva Xanthopoulos…


  • Eva, was getting published hard?

“I went the Independent Publishing route. And it was quite challenging indeed. The editing was the most involved aspect, but once I received my paperback copy, I realized all that hard work really did pay off.”

  • What is your current projects?

“I’m working on Book 2 (The Peacekeeper) of The Sought After Blood Lines Series. I’m also a Freelance Writer & Editor on fiverr ( and am editing various poetry manuscripts and writing professional biographies as we speak!”

  • So, there is Book 2 in The Sought After Blood Lines Series. Awesome! What’s next for you?

“Other than continuing the SABL book series, I’m going to continue writing a fantasy novel I put on the back burner many years ago. I’m 20,000 words in and I plan on finishing it within a year. Additionally, I’m working on a Life Mastery Course with my business partner (who also happens to be my boyfriend) for our self-development company, Etheric Archives (”


Book Title: Sought After Blood Lines (Book 1: The Escapist)

Name: Eva Xanthopoulos

Book Genre: Fantasy with Romantic, Utopian, and Dystopian elements.

Previous Book Title: Esoterra (Mystical Poetry Book)

Coming Soon

Book 2: The Peacekeeper
Coming This Summer 2016!

Book 3: The Ascender
Coming Next Winter 2016!


Amazon Purchase Link for Sought After Blood Lines:
(Available in paperback and eBook format)



Eva Xanthopoulos (pen-name Eva PoeteX) is a Greco-American Poet, Writer, Editor, and Artist who creates and dwells in the Greater Cleveland area. To date, hundreds of her writings have been featured in various publications, including The Golden Lantern, Mystic Living Today, Women’s Spiritual Poetry, Journey Magazine, and more. Eva is also the author of several books, including Esoterra and Sought After Blood Lines (available now).

Currently, Eva is the Founding Editor of Poehemian Press and has edited dozens of poetry books. In addition, she is the Co-Creator of Etheric Archives. Eva holds a B.A. with honors in Creative Writing from Cleveland State University.

When she’s not writing, she loves to read her weight in books, go on epic adventures with her bike, and drink rooibos chai tea. To find out more, visit Eva’s official website:


SABL Book Blog:

Official Author Website:


Want to stay up-to-date with Eva’s upcoming book releases, giveaways, and the like? Go here.

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