‘Tridea’s Children’ by Kevin Peake


Tridea’s Children by Kevin Peake is a fun read for all ages. The author has created a wonderful fantasy world full of elves, crystals, humans, mythical creatures and shadow soldiers. There is no resting moment for the diverse companionship of the main characters and the story had many unexpected twists that kept my interest until the ending which is romantic and creates anticipation for the next book in the series.

The author’s writing style is nice but in my opinion some sentences could have transitioned in a more poetical way as it’s usual in fantasy genre.

Overall, this is an enjoyable read, it has some tiny little flaws that mainly have to do with it being the author’s debut book and I’d love to find out what’s next for Tridea’s children.


For as long as anyone in the world of Tridea can remember, large crystals have lined the landscape, possessing and exuding powerful magical energy.

When a meteor crashes into Tridea and the crystals are infected by a darkness. The populace of elves, fae and feline races discover a great danger. A virus is released, capable of controlling all humans.

Humans are vulnerable… easy to control… dangerous.

For Rush, Spark and Feather, what started off as a simple scouting mission to monitor the affected humans, turns into a dangerous journey. Where their unity and endurance will not only be tested, but challenged.

In the darkest of times… they must stand together.

Despite their initial attitudes towards humans, they realize that if they are to survive and save Tridea, they will need to overcome their differences and face the darkness.






Kevin Peake writes for children and teens. Born in the England, London, he is currently living in SouthWest England studying Creative Writing and Publishing at Bath Spa University. In addition since November 2015. Kevin owns and runs Crystal Peake Publisher‘s.




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