“The Insomniacs’ Club: Thrills, Spills & Sleeping Pills” by Vasily Pugh


I’ll say it straight forward. I loved this book. Simple as that. I loved it. I’m a fan of mystery stories. I’m especially fan of British mystery stories. Furthermore, I travelled in Japan many years ago and I was amazed by Japanese culture. I also like meeting weird people and reading about odd characters. Not to mention that I’m an insomniac myself. So, loving this book came naturally to me. It has all the above.

However, this is not a typical British mystery story. The author has given a refreshing twist to the genre by having a Japanese ex-pat as the main character accompanied by a woman named Henri. (I know, you just thought “what?!”) This book is so fast paced, wonderfully written and full of twists that I read it through during last weekend. I’d definitely love to read more from this author.



When Japanese ex-pat Naoka meets Henri, a middle-aged woman who is both wildly unconventional and is hiding something that she refuses to share, she finds herself introduced to a collection of oddities who share the same hindrance. They are all insomniacs.
This chance meeting soon provides Naoka with a much greater problem, when she and Henri become inadvertently caught up with the Fresno-DeBeers family, whose daughter has been kidnapped.
Henri is determined to ‘help’ the police with their investigation, and the Fresno-DeBeers to find their daughter, and enlists the assistance of the unwilling Naoka as part of her efforts.
As they get deeper and deeper into the case, living among oddballs and eccentric insomniacs who live their lives during the hours of darkness, they encounter the often weird and sometimes dangerous characters who inhabit the night.
But can they really make a difference to the case? Are they really able to provide anything of value and will they find the Fresno-DeBeers’ daughter before it is too late?
The Insomniacs’ Club is a page-turner that will have you up all night (in a good way).
Vasily Pugh, author of ‘Basically Frightened’, returns with his unusual take on crime fiction, sisterhood and suspense all whipped together with a healthy dollop of his trademark wit.





The Insomniacs’ Club: Thrills, Spills & Sleeping Pills – Kindle edition by Vasily Pugh. Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

After flirting with the Top 100 list in Amazon US’ satire books with ‘Basically Frightened’, Vasily Pugh thought it time to bring his unique style to a new genre. And so the comic thriller ‘The Insomniacs’ Club’ was born, a story with two unorthodox heroines in the lead and a whole array of supporting characters to enjoy.

Pugh is always writing despite suggestions that he should stop and take better care of his sheep. He is determined to be not only Bhutan’s finest shepherd/writer, but perhaps even the world’s! (a title currently held by Zadie Smith).



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