THE UNDEAD MUST DIE, a young adult paranormal thriller


Floriana is a seemingly ordinary art student, until an exciting opportunity to study ancient Greek relics introduces her to long-held secrets and shockingly dangerous truths.

Her life becomes altogether extraordinary when a seemingly benign morning excursion transforms into an agonizing race across Europe to save humanity. Soon, she must work against the clock to recreate an antidote to save mankind before nostalgic Nazi militias make good on their plan to create a legion of superhuman zombie-soldiers that will wreak havoc on mankind.

As the heir apparent to a family of masterminds, Floriana is the only one capable of thwarting their efforts, but first she’ll come face-to-face with black roses, presumptive killers, and mysterious sects.

With the fate of the world in her hands, can an inexperienced and clumsy art student create an antidote before it’s too late?

Find out in this adrenaline rushing, young adult thrill ride, chock full of espionage, conspiracy theories, spies, and zombies!



About the Book

The Undead Must Die, Episodes 1 & 2
by Penny BroJacquie

The Order of the Black Rose #1

Young Adult
Thriller / Suspense


Publication Date
December 26, 2016

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About Penny BroJacquie

Penny BroJacquie is a passionate writer, travel blogger, and life lover.

After a long career working as a sports reporter for some of the largest media outlets in Greece, she decided that life is more beautiful when you work freelance.

In 2014 Penny published her first book, a travel guide called City Break In Athens, and in 2015 her first novel, a mystery-adventure occult thriller called ‘The Undead Must Die’ was released. ‘The Undead Must Die’ is Book #1 in The Order Of The Black Rose book series.

When she doesn’t write, Penny pets her dogs, cooks new recipes, and takes photos. You’ll find her somewhere in Europe enjoying a cup of coffee or watching a movie.

Penny’s Links

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Floriana is a seemingly ordinary art student, until an exciting opportunity to study ancient Greek relics introduces her to long-held secrets and shockingly dangerous truths.

Her life becomes altogether extraordinary when a seemingly benign morning excursion transforms into an agonizing race across Europe to save humanity. Soon, she must work against the clock to recreate an antidote to save mankind before nostalgic Nazi militias make good on their plan to create a legion of superhuman zombie-soldiers that will wreak havoc on mankind.

As the heir apparent to a…

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Handsome man hugging naked woman

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‘Red Velvet Ribbon’ by Lavinia Sely Ederyth


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Handsome man hugging naked woman

Red Velvet Ribbon: A dark suspense romance

by Lavinia Sely Ederyth

When Autumn comes to her senses, she finds herself lying naked in a forest clearing. The husky voice of a man sounds in her ears just before she faints again. How did she end up there in the middle of the night? Who is that man and what does he want from her? Is he the perpetrator or her savior? Next time Autumn wakes up, she is in a dark bedroom of an old, badly preserved gothic mansion. She tries to escape but her way is blocked by a man who keeps a dark secret and a pair of sharp fangs.

Red Velvet Ribbon is a story on how a series of actions of betrayal and hatred can lead to a new beginning and true love.

Reader’s Advisory: This is an erotic paranormal suspense story that contains explicit love scenes.


Lavinia Sely Ederyth loves misty cities in winter and sandy beaches in summer. That’s why she spends her time between London, Milan and Athens looking for inspiration for her dark romantic stories that are always loaded with suspense and hot scenes. Her debut novella ‘Red Velvet Ribbon’ was released in December 2015.







‘Grady the gray cat gets adopted’ by Lori A. Moore



Grady is a little gray cat. Grady’s fur is gray; that’s why his mommy named him that. He isn’t too skinny, and he isn’t too fat. And he lives in a home with two other cats. Grady the Gray Cat is spunky, playful, and sweet. Join him as he finds love, acceptance, and fun with his new family.

“Grady the Gray Cat Gets Adopted” is available on Kindle and Paperback. DOUBLE BONUS: there’s a code in the book where you can download the audio version of the book for FREE‬!

Have Tea With Me Jan 2016-Grady the Gray Cat


” Grady is a loving cat and this great book brings out that same love within your home. I was very touched in the part when Grady asked his mom, “Why did you pick me?” and his mom answered why. You will find yourself smiling all along as you read how this curious, funny yet well-loved cat makes his new home his home. Your kids will adore Grady! Plus, this book brings your more Grady treat as the story continues to Grady the Gray Cat Gets a Toy Fire Truck in this wonderful Flip Book adventure. (by SweetChelle)”

“If you have not picked up this book to read to your child, than I highly recommend you do so. I mean, who does not like reading stories about kitties? (by M. Widelka)”

“The books share a lesson, but not in the way that it detracts from the story or overwhelms the child with moral complexities. The enjoyment of the story involves the adventures of the cute little cat. The art is colorful and fits the tone of the story perfectly. The stories are written in rhyme, which kids always love.(by Tracy S.)”

Grady Face 013a


Amazon US:

Lori’s website:!books-by-lori-a-moore/cee5


Lori A. Moore lives with her husband and their adorable cat, Grady,
in Louisville, KY.


2013 KART Kids Book List award for Hannah the Hedgehog Goes to Heaven.

2012 KART Kids Book List award for Grady the Gray Cat Gets Adopted.

2012 Readers Favorite Honorable Mention for Grady the Gray Cat Gets Adopted.

2011 Readers Favorite Gold Award for Missing Andy.

2010 Readers Favorite Bronze Award for From Zero to Christian in Just 35 Years.







#BookBlast: ‘Nine Short Horror Stories, Vol. 1’ by B. Scott #FREE #DOWNLOAD


Nine Short Horror Stories, Vol. 1
Imagination is Deadly
By B. Scott

Human suffering, pain and the last stitch effort to escape into the light.
Light and darkness don’t always speak loud enough to guide. In some cases, nothing reaches out.

‘Nine Short Horror Stories, Vol. 1’ features nine original stories, each of them exploring the above.

The prevailing question is whether hope is a matter of emotional discernment or a state of the spirit.

Short stories featured in ‘Nine Short Horror Stories, Vol. 1’ *

The Subject
Savage Embrace
Special Permissions
The Claimed
A Single Rune
Who Said That
Light’s Shadow
Lake Effect
Please Sign Here
Plus a BONUS

* Joan Hovey, accomplished author from New Brunswick and B. Scott’s mentor, strongly encouraged him to publish every one she read.



To watch the amazing book trailer follow the url below:


‘Nine Short Horror Stories, Vol. 1’ FREE DOWNLOAD (click on the link below)

Author’s Note

This book was designed with one focus: to find yourself moving through the waves of change… from one dangerous set of emotions to the next.
Buckle up.
It will be a ride.

Author Bio


Your author of forty-three years, B. Scott (pen-name), presents his latest collection. He caught the “writing bug” a few years back. He continues to write based on personal experiences that have shaped him and others.

His background includes fifteen years of experience as a respiratory therapist serving as a sleep specialist / oxygen specialist for industry-leading corporations throughout North America. He served in the U.S. Military for nearly a decade and was awarded a Medal of Service for the first Middle East War. He is certified as a Personal Trainer. He holds a Master’s Degree in Health Sciences and a degree in Respiratory Therapy. He is also a graduate from Brighton High School in Michigan. He was born, raised, and lived the first third of his life in Lakewood, Ohio. He has spent the last ten years in Toronto, Ontario, where he currently resides.

What you have read is a product of his deeply embedded belief that energy is transformable, sometimes scary, adaptable, and is shimmering with light. The written themes you enjoy are in honor and respect to the Forces of Dark, Grey and Light.

B. Scott’s website

Keep in touch with B. Scott

Twitter: @deviantbill

Facebook: /bill.bistak

‘REMEMBER ME – Sex Demon Series (Book 1)’ by Nanea Knott


Remember Me
Sex Demon Series (Book 1)
By Nanea Knott

‘Remember Me’ is Book 1 of the Sex Demons Series and – you’ve guessed right – it’s about Sex Demons! ‘Remember Me’ is an erotic paranormal story, full of suspense and steamy scenes, written by Nanea Knott, author of Hawaiian Winter Heat: An Erotic Romance.


Book Description

Willow Harris is a succubus who has to have sex with humans to survive. She’s been sleeping with a co-worker, Chase for weeks, but he doesn’t remember any of it. No one ever does. There’s only one true love for a succubus, and Willow hasn’t found hers yet.
Detective Greg Stewart arrives at an accident scene and everything seems routine. While investigating her friend’s suspicious car crash, he meets the young, breathtaking Willow, and now he can’t get her out of his mind. He takes a special interest in the case and the woman he is inexplicably drawn to.

Willow finds out her friend isn’t the only one being targeted and things get more complicated when she discovers there’s an entire organization devoted to destroying all sex demons. To make matters worse, Chase begins stalking her. Falling in love with Greg should be the last thing on her mind, but the magnetism is undeniable.

Greg has received unbelievable information about his investigation and goes straight to Willow for answers. She confides in him, though it’s useless because he’ll just forget in the morning. She didn’t expect him to pull an all-nighter, and he hasn’t forgotten a word she’s said.

Willow is kidnapped, lives are threatened, and Greg willingly puts his life on the line. Has Greg taken on a force too big? Can Willow escape with not only her life, but her heart, intact? Remember Me is the first installment of the Sex Demon series by author Nanea Knott.


‘Sun & Moon’ by Kelle J. Brown


Even the Sun and Moon whisper tales on the wind. Experience the joy and challenge of creating community, of utter acceptance, and of extravagant and transforming love in this cosmic story of becoming and learning how to shine. Meet Sola and Luna, twin sisters who find reason to celebrate their unique similarity and difference. For the one who has been bullied; for twins and siblings who are learning to be themselves while loving the other; for the one who has not found his or her place in the world; for parents who struggle to treat multiple children fairly; for those who are lonely; and for everyone who knows we must share our light and power with others, this book is for you.



Kelle J. Brown is a proud native of Columbus, Georgia. She graduated from Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia, Seattle University School of Theology and Ministry, and is completing her D.Min. at San Francisco Theological Seminary. A woman of many talents, Kelle has a particular gift for storytelling, for uncovering and re-imagining the stories of the numerous ones whose voices are often unheard or ignored. Kelle currently resides in Richmond, Virginia with her lovely daughter Indigo, her inspirational muse.

#Valentine’sDay #Excerpt: ‘The Syrian Virgin’ by Zack Love


In honor of Valentine’s Day, we are pleased to share with you this romantic excerpt from “The Syrian Virgin” by Zack Love…

In this scene, the 18-year-old Anissa, who fled war-torn Syria for a new life of hope and love in New York City, goes on her very first date ever, and it happens to take place on Valentine’s Day…Her longtime crush, Michael (27), takes her ice skating in Central Park.



“At 3 p.m. on February 14, the security guard for my dorm called me with a cute message from my visitor. “There’s a Mr. Kassab downstairs who wants to know if you’ll be his Valentine today.” I quickly looked in the mirror one last time before leaving, and felt butterflies in my stomach as I closed the door and made my way to the elevator.

When I arrived in the lobby, I saw that Michael was waiting for me by the door. He held it open for me and we exited the building into the crisp New York air.

As we walked towards the subway stop on 116th Street, I lightly shared a small confession: “Do you realize that this is officially the first date of my life?”

“Wow. Well, it’s good to know that there’s no pressure on me here!” he replied ironically.

I playfully elbowed him. “None at all.”

“And that means it’s also a good thing that I brought these goodies for you,” he said, taking a small bag of Baci chocolates out of his coat. “But – since this is your first date – I should warn you that most dates do not come with chocolate! You know, just to manage your expectations a little.”

“And why shouldn’t they all come with chocolates?” I replied with a teasing smile.

“I guess that’s a fair question. But if you got chocolates on every date, then getting them on Valentine’s Day wouldn’t seem very special, now would it?”

“I think I’d be OK with that,” I said, amusing us both with my understatement as we arrived at the subway entrance.

We passed through the turnstile, went down the stairs, and stood by the track, waiting for the downtown train to show up. Our flirty banter resumed as the area gradually filled up with more New Yorkers heading downtown in sweaters, scarves, hats, and gloves.

“Well, I think there may be a compromise arrangement we can work out,” he replied, looking down at me with a smile.

I glanced up into his brown eyes, curious. “What’s that?”

“You see, Baci literally means ‘kiss’ in Italian, so I think you could fairly expect some kind of kiss on every date.”

“Will I ever get both chocolate and non-chocolate kisses on the same date?” I responded, glimpsing at him coyly from the side.

“Are we getting greedy now?” he joked. “Ten minutes into your very first date ever? I guess you may need to make up for some lost time,” he said with a teasing glint.

“I might.”

“Well, your odds of getting both kinds of kisses are probably best on Valentine’s Day, so there may be cause for optimism.”

And just as it seemed like the space between us was subtly starting to shrink, the train arrived. But we soon stood even closer to each other on the crowded subway car. As we traveled downtown with countless strangers, we were at times pressed up against one another during the twenty-minute ride to the Columbus Circle station. At 59th Street, we got out of the subway and walked over to the skating rink in Central Park.

February 14, 2014 brought with it a few firsts, and ice skating was one of them.

Michael was comfortable and experienced on the ice but went very slowly so that he could effectively serve as my training wheels while I clung to his arm to avoid crashing every other minute. Thanks to his support, I fell only every ten minutes or so, and sometimes brought him down with me – usually with some silly or self-conscious laughs along the way. He always helped me up, and a few times, I felt his big palm cup itself around my hip when lifting me to my feet.

After holding onto him so much while ice skating, it felt almost oddly distant for us not to be holding hands after we left and headed back towards the subway together. But the tension surrounding if and when our hands might clasp again (without any external cause like ice skating) proved to be a good distraction from my sore behind. After I jokingly complained about it, Michael replied, “Next time we visit a rink, remember to stuff your pants with lots of toilet paper, or some other butt cushion.”

A few minutes later, I saw the subway station in the distance, and figured that we probably weren’t going to hold hands again. I reasoned that there wasn’t that much time left before we’d have to stop holding hands in order to go down the stairs and through the subway turnstile, and that might make it seem even more awkward or silly to have held hands for so short a time before that. Of course, we could resume holding hands on the subway platform, but then we’d have an audience and it wouldn’t be as cold, so the reason for our hand-holding would be more obviously a growing intimacy rather than, for example, a way to keep our palms warm.

“How are your hands doing?” Michael suddenly asked, as if he had read my thoughts. “Are they warm enough?” he inquired, taking my hand into his.

“They are now,” I replied with a smile…”

Amazon (UK):

#FREE #KINDLE #BOOK: ‘THE COFFEESHOP DOMINATRIX – My First Slave Auction: A Story Of Sensual Female Domination’ by Sakinaa Davies


Have you ever wished for more money… more power… unlimited private access to some of America’s hottest bachelors?

If the answer is “yes”, then you should take advantage of the three days FREE download promo and get your kindle copy of

THE COFFEESHOP DOMINATRIX – My First Slave Auction: A Story Of Sensual Female Domination by Sakinaa Davies
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Described as Fifty Shades for the thinking woman who occasionally might like to “sign her name on the top”


The Coffeeshop Dominatrix

My First Slave Auction is a wildly entertaining tale of erotic romance with depth, humor and an engaging storyline that will keep the pages turning. Guaranteed to heat up the digital circuits on your Kindle follow the exploits of Adrianna Sharpe as she places bids on Some of L.A.’s most eligible bachelors at a charity auction–with a BDSM twist. Of course, all proceeds go to a good cause…The LA Children’s Hospital.

Described as Fifty Shades for the thinking woman who occasionally might like to “sign her name on the top”, The Coffeeshop Dominatrix details female domination and male submission with an air of elegance about it. Strict, sensual domination at its finest! No cliffhanger here, this is one hot, quick-read for a lazy day at the beach or for those simply wishing to put some cappuccino into their Sunday afternoon.

An Excerpt

Jacob’s head nodded slowly as he relinquished further control to the resplendent woman in white, or more correctly, Adrianna’s supremely intoxicating confidence. That is, if it were possible to yield further control when one’s arms are spread-eagled, pinioned to the back seat of a limo, mouth stuffed and eyes blind.

“Well then, sweetie your secret will be safe with me.” Adrianna’s tone was respectful and earnest. “I will protect your identity with my life. You must believe me when I tell you that Exodia is a woman who keeps her promises. But also remember, I will hold you to yours.” Longingly, Adrianna kissed the strangers mask as lightly as a butterfly’s breath, startled at how referring to herself in the third person was strangely arousing. She had become Exodia. “Now let us begin slave. I paid a pretty penny for you at this auction and now it is time for me to lay claim to what is rightfully mine…”

Can you can guess the identity which famous celebrity Adrianna dominates to “top” off her evening of decadence and self indulgence??? Buy this book now and you can find out. (The first fifty readers who email the correct answer will be eligible for a signed first edition of the print version)

Here is what readers have to say:

“Gorgeous men mercilessly transformed into helpless, playtoys by a powerful, confident woman. This – I like!”

“…a toe-curling, back-arcing, screaming, sweaty orgasm that will keep you coming back for more…”

“If you are looking for a way to occupy time on a plane, this hot-mess of a read is sure to have you buckled securely into your seat.”

“Skyscraper Manolo boots, customized limos, sexy firemen–this book has it all.”

“I would love to know what Angelina has to say about the surprise ending…”

“Sakinaa Davies has crafted a tour-de-force of Erotic Fiction–when is the movie coming out?”


Sakinaa Davies

Sakinaa Davies (her pen name) is NEW to the enticing genre of Erotica, has three wonderful kids, a loving husband, a Shitzu and really is a dominatrix when she is not doing her regular job. Not the beating, brutal type but more of the sensual, adventurous type…

When she is not writing and dealing with the daily grind and paper cuts of life in general, her passions include Chai Tea (Starbucks of course) and Yoga while Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and shoes continue to be her secret vices.

She began writing the Coffeeshop Dominatrix stories, inspired by the complexities of what goes on everyday, all over the world within the confines of her most favorite of coffeeshops. (“favourite” for you Brits and Canucks) She loves to get honest reviews…

Although Sakinaa currently has over forty other published books for sale on Amazon with National Bestselling titles in the field of Educational Resources (in a parallel universe, Sakinaa used to be an elementary school teacher–third grade) this is her first foray into erotica as she explores her darker side. Trust me when I tell you that it is infinitely more challenging to top the Amazon bestseller’s list in the category of “Literature and Fiction–Erotica–BDSM” compared with “Children’s Books–Educational Resources–Science Studies–Life Science”.

Share her journey on Facebook ( and on Pinterest ( or get in touch with her by email at She’d love to hear from you.