The Undead Must Die – The Order of the Black Rose Book #1


Penny BroJacquie has a new book coming up and she has the cover revealed.

Let’s celebrate!

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Book Title: The Undead Must Die

Book #1 in ‘The Order of the Black Rose’ series but can be read as a standalone.

Author: Penny BroJacquie

Release Date: November 2014


Floriana, a British art student, travels to Greece to admire and study the magnificent ancient Greek artefacts. She couldn’t imagine though that a morning excursion to cape Sounion would turn to an agonizing race across Europe.

Surrounded by mysterious sects, presumptive killers and black roses, unexperienced and clumsy Floriana discovers with horror she is the keeper of the secret that can save humanity of its most dreadful enemy: undeath.

Authors Bio

Penny BroJacquie is a writer, travel blogger, and life lover. After a 20 years career as a sports reporter in some of the largest media groups in Greece, she decided that life is more beautiful when you work free-lance. A few months ago she published her first book, a travel guide called ‘City Break In Athens’ and she’s currently working on her first novel, a mystery adventure thriller called ‘The Undead Must Die: The Order Of The Black Rose – Book 1’. When she doesn’t write, she pets her dogs, cooks new recipes and takes photos. You’ll find her somewhere in Europe enjoying a cup of coffee or watching movies.

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‘City Break In Athens’ means value for money



I’m planning my autumn trip to Athens and I bought this travel guide because it’s written by native Athenians. I found it very helpful not only because it has maps of central Athens and the Acropolis but mostly because it pays much attention to local’s favourite hot spots, sightseeing and restaurants.
This pocket guide is full of tips about where to go, how to go and what to see whatever your interests. It includes six detailed itineraries for walking tours to all archaeological sites, central Athens, Piraeus, the coastline plus an excursion to Cape Sounion. It’s full of historical facts and I was pleased to discover it includes a very informative chapter about the Acropolis and the Parthenon.
It also includes detailed information about transportation, lists with recommended restaurants, hotels and museums, and some useful phrases in Greek. As for the maps, they are also posted on their website and they’re downloadable. In overall I believe ‘City Break In Athens’ is value for money.

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‘City break in Athens’, your travel guide to Athens


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