Russell Chapman and ‘The Roads of Destiny’


Born in Erith Kent at the end of 1957, Russell Chapman moved to the Cathedral City of Canterbury at the age of five, where he attended the local grammar school. He studied mathematics at Bristol University followed by successful careers in accounting, sales and marketing. Married in 1989 to Dianne, Russell and their cat live in a small village in West Cornwall.

Outside of writing his business interests include online marketing, RusseIl Chapman is Marketing Director of KachEnt Enterprises Ltd. He’s also a partner in Cornwall Property Inventories.

A few months ago, he published his first book Roads of Destiny: First Chronicle of Gaia (Chronicles of Gaia Book 1) .”Publishing is easy,” he says, “marketing the published product is difficult.”

– How did you decide to pursue a writing career?
“I have always wanted to write a book. In 2014 I had the time to do it.
Circumstances combined to motivate me and put in a creative mood. These included an extremely bad business and experience my father’s terminal illness and death. I found writing an extremely effective form of therapy and an excellent way to reflect on life.”


– Are your characters based on people you know?
“The characters in my first published book Roads of Destiny are inluenced by my experiences and those of people I know.
No character in the book is based on an individual person.
In the book I am currently writing, one minor character, is based on someone I knew as a child.
The other characters are based on mythological characters, my observations and experiences.”

“Publishing is easy, marketing the published product is difficult.”

– What genre are your books?
“I would descibe my books as Fantasy & Mythology, equally Roads of Destiny could be catagorised as Religious Fiction.”


– Which of your books is your most favourite?
“To date I have only written one book, ‘Roads of Destiny’ so it has to be my favourite.”

– Do you have a specific writing routine?
“No. If I’m in the mood I will write if not I don’t.
With regard to a storyline I know the start and the end. I do not plan a book, I let my imagination fill in the middle.
This is probably not the most efficient use of time, but the end product is better.
The only writing discipline I have is to check the consistency of story as I go along. ”

– What about your hobbies? Any books or songs you love?

“My extensive travel experiences include flying on concord, cruising on the QE2, and riding on the Orient Express.

Coral Island by R. M. Ballantyne was the first serious book I read. During my early teenage years, encouraged by my grandfather, I read the entire works of Charles Dicken’s. I enjoy a variety of book genres, my preferences being fantasy, sci-fi and historical novels. My favourite series of fantasy books are the ‘The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant’ by Stephen R. Donaldson. Others include the works of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. Sci-fi novels there are too many great books to mention. Sharon Penman’s Plantagenet series are among my favourite historical novels.

My musical interest are broad including country, heavy rock and soul. My favourite singer / songwriters include Johnny Cash, with his many dark lyrics, and Bruce Springsteen.”


– What are your current projects?

“I am currently writing ‘Dark Cornwall’.
Dark Cornwall, set upon Bodmin Moor where Peter and Bridget Smith believe they must choose between their eternal love and their souls.

Can they save their supposedly perfect marriage? Are the problems in their relationship of their own making? Are events being driven by the Warleggan family, who Peter and Bridget believe are the guardians of the ancient and Goddesses of Bodmin and in league with Devil?

Peter believes he sold his soul to the Devil, to win the heart of his beloved wife for eternity. Must she now pay the price to save his soul? Are his sexual fantasies and pride the true driving force behind his decisions?”

– What’s next for you?

“Roads of Destiny is the First Chronicle of Gaia, I will write the remainder of series, probably 2 more books. Outside of writing I am involved in two start up businesses.”

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