‘Remember Me (Sex Demon Series Book 1)’ by Nanea Knott


Willow is a sex demon. She is a succubus that’s fed off the hormones, sweat, breaths her partners secrete during sex. Briefly that means when she has ‘lunch’, she doesn’t have to count calories. As soon as I read this book’s description and first pages, I knew I wanted to read it. I found the idea of sex demons unique and original. Additionally, ‘Remember me’ has a captivating storyline that makes you want to turn the pages to know what’s next.
I loved Ms Knott’s writing style. Her language is eloquent and humorous, such a pleasure to read. Every scene is beautifully described, especially the sex scenes (yeah!), and obviously the author spent much time thinking every single detail of the world she created. The story is so engaging and full of twists that I couldn’t put it down. Lots of questions needed an answer. Who would want to kidnap a sex demon? Will Willow find someone to remember her? Everything was answered in the most delightful way.
Honestly, I can’t wait to read the next installment in the Sex Demon book series!



Book Description:
Sex is what a succubus lives for and Willow Harris is a sex demon made for sex. She lives her life going from partner to partner in order to live. The hormones, the sweat, and every labored breath of her lover is what gives her life. Once she is done with him, he will forget her. The only one who will ever remember is her mate.

Detective Greg Stewart is a human police officer looking for the real thing. He’s determined not to let a pretty face bring him to his knees. His resolve shatters when he sees the beautiful Willow standing in the rain.

He’s been assigned to a car accident that wasn’t an accident. Willow’s friend was targeted and Greg’s job is to find out why. He’s drawn to Willow and does everything he can to be close to her. It’s a good thing he does. Willow is being stalked.

Greg has many questions and goes to Willow for answers. She agrees to answer them believing that once she gets him into bed, and he falls asleep, he will remember nothing.

Greg surprises her and manages to retain his memory by not sleeping. Willow has feelings for the handsome officer, but firmly believes that once he closes his eyes, all that they shared will be gone.

Willow disappears and Greg scrambles to find her before it’s too late to tell her he remembers everything.

Remember Me is the first in the Sex Demon series by Nanea Knott.

This novel is an erotic paranormal romance.

Author Bio:

Nanea Knott is an erotic romance author of short stories, novellas and novels in the Paranormal, and BBW subgenres. She loves to read and write about sexy characters with guts and common sense.

Nanea was born and raised in Hawaii but has called Seattle home for over 15 years. Occasionally she surfaces from the depths of writing to go to work, see her family and friends, and pet her aging cat.


Remember Me http://www.amazon.com/Remember-Me-Sex-Demon-Book-ebook/dp/B00TU6762U/

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